Mariano's Mournful Month

My name is Jamie, and I'm a Yankees fan. I bleed pinstripes, which is even more impressive than it sounds. This means that I worship no Gods before Mariano Rivera. After all, Mo saves.

Or at least he usually does.

Just about every single season, Mo has a stretch of games we'd all rather forget ever happened. In fact, he had one yesterday. He had one last Monday, too - the last time he pitched. And he had one the day before that.

The sky isn't falling. Mo didn't forget how to pitch and his expected velocity is there, so I don't think there is an injury concern. He's just not locating right now. He'll get his control back; he always does. But that doesn't make this game log any easier to look at. The month of September has been a disaster for Mo: 6 earned runs in 10.2 innings pitched. That's a 5.06 ERA, which is not only astounding, but its all the more painful because of the pace he'd been on. Through July, his ERA was under 1. After August, it was barely over 1. Even now, it's .15 under 2, so it's still been a great year for Mo.

Mo will get his game back. He always does - the only question is, will he get it back in time? I say yes; nobody shines brighter in the spot light of October playoff baseball than Mo. Joe Girardi will make sure he gets enough work to tune up, and when the leaves call and a championship beckons, Mo will answer.