Wet Moose

Potential All-Star starter Mike Mussina (WHAT?) washed out in his bid for an 11th win.


Back to the Bullpen!

Some eye-popping stats from mis-cast baseball embarassment Joba Chamberlain:
5 Starts
25 Innings
25 K
22 Hits

Yankees Record: 4-1


Please keep the suicides to a minimum

Fowl Balls will not be updated for the next couple of days as Jimmy Dugan and the First Lady will be enjoying the sun and sand in Aruba. Thank you in advance to the Yankees organization for signing Sidney Ponson and decreasing the probability of me getting punched in the face by roughly 40%.


Just Say No (For Now)

CC Sabathia: Campaigning since 2007
There is no doubt that CC Sabathia is one of the elite pitchers in Major League Baseball. He is on pace to win 300+ games and has proved to be a durable, dominating left handed starter. He fits the profile of everything that the Yankees are in need of, especially after the injury to Wang, who eats innings like Kobayashi chokes down hot dogs.

In my humble opinion, Sabathia's oversized ass is going to look great in pintripes: next year. With the price that teams expect the Yankees to pay for players in trade, the Indians can keep the big Lefty. Think back to the king's ransom that the Twins were asking of the Yanks to acquire Johan Santana - names like Hughes, Kennedy, Austin Jackson, Jose Tabata, Mark Melancon, Melky Cabrera, etc. were thrown around to comprise mind-blowing packages for a pitcher that the Yankees were still going to have to sign to a NINE FIGURE contract.

Unfortunately, I dont think that Sabathia will end up being a Bobby Abreu situation, where the Yankees will wait the Indians out until their price becomes more reasonable. CC Sabathia is just too valuable of a commodity. And being from the school of John Hart, Mark Shapiro will be looking to duplicate the Bartolo Colon trade that yielded all stars like Grady Sizemore, Brandon Phillips, and 2008 revelation Cliff Lee.

So, in short, the Indians can kiss my ass. They can't sign him at year's end, and the Yankees will be right there, check book in hand. See you next year, Mr. Sabathia.

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Limp Wang

CMW out up to 10 weeks with Lis Franc injury (who IS this bitch?).


Party Like It's 1999

Jeter comes through in the clutch and powers Yankees to a win.

PS - Alex Rodriguez had the other RBI in a game that the Yankees won 2-1, but apparently that is irrelevant. All hail Jeter.


Today's Note to John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman

We get it. There's a lot of foul territory in Oakland. Shut up.


Fowl Balls Expert Analysis

After hours of being locked in the think tank and crunching numbers, the folks here at Fowl Balls have come up with the answer to the Yankees problems; the team needs a second, reliable reliever to get to Mo. There is no reason for Rivera to be in the situations that he is forced into, like a 2-2 game in the top of the ninth. Whether its an in house solution (Melancon, Veras, Ohlendorf, etc.), or a player that is available via trade (Brian Fuentes), this team NEEDS someone to fill the void left by Joba Chamberlain. You're welcome. That will be $1 million.


8 (or so) Questions: Peter Abraham of The Journal News

Peter has been covering the Yankees for the Journal News and LoHud.com since October of 2005. Prior to that, he spent four years covering the Mets. We here at Fowl Balls have always enjoyed the insight that he provides as he gives the general public access to the Yankee clubhouse. He took the time to field some questions from us via email.

Jimmy Dugan - As someone who spends a lot of time around the clubhouse, what is your impression of the Girardi regime as opposed to the team as run by Joe Torre?
Peter Abraham - I think Girardi puts a bright picture on everything and has too much faith in some players (like allowing Pettitte to stay in the game the other day). Torre was more cold-blooded.

JD - After a (somewhat) encouraging start today, It looks like Joba could develop into a short term asset in the rotation, as Fowl Balls thought all along. Who is the answer in the 8th inning hole?
PA - Mark Melancon.

JD - What is your first impression on Yankees 1st rounder Gerrit Cole
PA - Only what I read, I've never seen him pitch. He seems like a cocky kid with a big arm. Josh Beckett was like that, Joba is, too.

JD - Has Derek Jeter ever given you a quote with any substance behind it?
PA - Sure, plenty of times. You only see the TV questions, which often lack substance because that's what the medium demands. Plus the players are different on camera. If you ask a good question, you get a good answer.

JD - Now that Jason Giambi has snapped out of it, there is a lot of focus on the struggles of Robinson Cano. What is the buzz as to the cause of his slumping?
PA - He is a slow starter, always has been. He doesn't have a great work ethic and not having Larry Bowa around hasn't helped that.

JD - Can this team win it all?
PA - I don't think so. The pitching's not good enough. Torre was able to push them through their slump last season and once the ball got rolling, it never stopped. I don't know if Girardi can do that. That seem content to be .500.

JD - Vegas odds: A. Yankees Signing CC Sabathia
B. Yankees Signing Mark Teixiera
C. Yankees Signing BOTH Sabathia and Teixiera

PA - A. 20-1
B. 1-2
C. 100-1

Thank you to Peter for taking the time to give a peek into the Yankee clubhouse. Visit his blog at http://www.yankees.lhblogs.com/.

Jason Giambi's Mustache Continues to Rake

Gee, doesn't a sudden increase in testosterone stimulate facial hair growth? But, hey, I am not a doctor...

BIG Happenings at Fowl Balls

Thanks to Peter Abraham, Yankees beat writer for the Journal News, for adding us to the links portion of his blog. His site has some great content, be sure to check it out (link located in left margin).

Also, watch out for an exclusive interview with Peter that we have planned. Global dominance is looking more attainable.


Breaking News!

(AP Photo)

Chris Britton locates rib cage muscle; pulls it

The Next Derek Jeter (or Brien Taylor)

2008 Yankees 1st Round Draft Pick
Gerrit Cole

Unlike some other blogs, I will not claim to be more knowledgeable than I am about the prospects that the Yankees choose in the draft; I have never seen Cole pitch, aside from the video clips that anybody can stumble upon. What I will do, as a service to my loyal readers, is post some insight from experts in the field.

From Perfect Game:
Gerrit Cole is a 2008 RHP with a 6'3'', 190 lb. frame from Santa Ana, CA, who attends Orange Lutheran HS. Tall frame, present strength, projectable, long legs, easy arm, quick arm, balanced delivery, great arm side run FB, plus present velocity, CH has great tumble and sink, nasty, pumps zone with strikes, pitchability, has a purpose on the mound, one of the top pitchers in the nation.

Also, check out this link from Minor League Baseball - it includes a short video of Cole's delivery:
(Sorry for the cut/paste mess - I am having a problem with linking)

Jimmy's Take:
Pretty happy - he's projectable, raw, and a pain in the ass to sign. Sounds like the Yankees to me! At least he isn't waiting for TJ surgery.


Do us all a favor - be a mediocre left fielder getting paid elite center fielder money, and stay out of the business of the non-retarded.

Source -


All Star?

9-4, 4.01 ERA

Something to Smile About

When Jorge Posada and his ears return to the Yankee lineup tomorrow night, it will mark the FOURTH time this season that Joe Girardi will be able pencil in the lineup that was projected in spring training.

Joba Chamberlain has no respect for the game of baseball

He should be more like these fine upstanding gentlemen. Honestly, this anti-Yankees machine has GOT to stop.