I should be a GM somewhere

According to Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Yankees have acquired Eric Hinske for what amounts to a bag of Cheetos and a hand job. (hat tip to MLBTR)

As those of you who are dedicated readers may remember, we pleaded with Cash and Co. to make this signing in JANUARY, when he would not have cost the Yankees two players. Alas, the Yankees opted for the unfounded affinity for the giant ball of suck that is Angel Berroa.

This transaction, in my opinion, shows just how much confidence the team has in Shelley Duncan. The man who played Sloth in Goonies has been destroying AAA to the tune of 21 first half home runs, yet has been passed over by the Big League club (again). The Yankees should do Shelley a favor and DFA the kid, because his ass has permanent residence in Scranton until they do.

Glad I checked my spam

I usually skip over PR emails asking for pub on the site, but I have to say Sirius XM really deserves a shout on this one. Amongst the congratulatory foreign lottery messages, and emails from friends stranded in England in desperate need of $1200, I found this gem. The satellite radio giant will be providing extensive coverage of the Futures Game, a fantastic event that gets the shaft every year.

From Sirius XM:
NEW YORK – June 30, 2009 – SIRIUS XM Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) announced today that it will offer baseball fans an exclusive radio broadcast of the XM All-Star Futures Game on Sunday, July 12, two days before the 2009 MLB All-Star Game. The XM All-Star Futures Game will be played at Busch Stadium in St. Louis and features top minor league prospects from the U.S. and abroad.

Veteran major league pitcher Jim Kaat will be the game analyst for the broadcast, which will air live starting with the pre-game at 2:00 pm ET on XM channel 175. Scott Graham, host of SIRIUS XM’s Baseball This Morning talk show, will be the play-by-play voice.

Former Major League Baseball pitcher and longtime broadcaster Jim Kaat, also known as “Kitty,” won 283 games during his 25-year career in Major League Baseball. Best known for his time with the Minnesota Twins, the southpaw won 16 consecutive Gold Gloves from 1962-1977. Following his retirement after the 1983 season, Kaat moved to the broadcast booth, covering three World Series for CBS from 1990-1992, and becoming an analyst for New York Yankees baseball from 1995-2006, where he won seven Emmy Awards. Kaat is now a color commentator for MLB Network’s Thursday Night Baseball series.

Scott Graham has spent over 20 years as a radio and television sportscaster. His work has covered Major League Baseball, the NFL, college football and basketball, and a variety of other sports from golf to volleyball. He has been a play-by-play broadcaster for the Philadelphia Phillies, ESPN, FOX, CBS and a number of national and regional television and radio networks.

The XM All-Star Futures Game showcases the brightest talent currently in the minor leagues. Rosters include up to two players from each MLB farm system who are assigned to U.S. and World teams based on place of birth. The World team defeated the U.S. team 3-0 in last year’s XM All-Star Futures Game at Yankee Stadium. This year, Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith will manage the U.S. team and his former Cardinals teammate, Jose Oquendo, now the third base coach for St. Louis, will manage the World team.

XM Radio airs every game of the 2009 MLB season live, including the 2009 MLB All-Star Game. XM listeners can hear every game from all 30 Major League teams on XM channels 175 to 189. A schedule of upcoming MLB games on XM can be found at

In addition to live play-by-play coverage, SIRIUS XM offers baseball fans 24-hour coverage of the game on MLB Home Plate, the only radio channel dedicated to covering Major League Baseball seven days a week, 365 days a year. Now available to both XM and SIRIUS subscribers (XM channel 175, SIRIUS channel 210 with the “Best of XM” programming package), MLB Home Plate offers the most comprehensive radio coverage of the Major Leagues with a daily lineup of talk shows hosted by baseball experts and insiders like Cal Ripken Jr., Bill Ripken, Rob Dibble, Jim Duquette, Kevin Kennedy, Buck Martinez and others.

For more information, please visit

As many of you know, The Fowl Balls attended last year's Futures Game, and we have always been big fans. To see Sirius XM make this push for the game, as well as securing the most underrated announcer of our time in Jim Kaat, is refreshing to the bordering-on-psychotic baseball fan.

Fantasy Pick of the Week

Who is Chad Gaudin? He began the season with the Cubs but was subsequently released. Prior to that, he spent three years in Oakland, a year in the Blue Jays minor league system and before that two years as a reliever for Tampa Bay.

All that and he's only 25. Now pitching for the Padres, San Diego represents a place of solace and redemption for all pitchers. Gaudin has been on a roll lately, striking out 19 Mariners over two starts and then eight Rangers on Sunday night. CBS reports that Gaudin became the first pitcher ever, since the Ballpark at Arlington opened in 1994, to go eight or more innings and allow only one hit. Furthermore, this Texas lineup is one of the best it's seen.

Chad's K/9 ratio ranks 6th amongst starting pitchers at 9.42. He's behind the likes of Verlander, Lincecum, Vazquez, Lester and Harden. That's good company. Gaudin's inning totals are right up there with most starting pitchers (70IP), despite making only one April start.

Sabermetrics suggest Gaudin has been getting a bit lucky, evidenced by his 3.91 ERC and 3.82 DIPS. Those are both nearly a full run lower than his current 4.97 ERA. A .289 BABIP is just about average.

While home/road splits are not yet defined as obvious for Chad, pitching in Petco Park has to be seen as a great thing.

There is absolutely no reason why he should be on a waiver wire in your league right now.



Adding to his already Hall of Fame caliber resume, Mariano Rivera recorded his 500th career save last night in a 4-2 victory over the Metropolatinos. Perhaps even more importantly, Mo made us jealous when he was awarded the opportunity to hug Mark Teixeira.


Mo to Pap Smear: "Go get your fucking shinebox"

Mariano Rivera will appear on ESPN's Sportscenter as part of their "Sunday Conversation" feature this weekend. (hat tip to PeteAbe). When asked about Jonathan Papelbon's remarks about his willingness to play for the Yankees, the Greatest Athlete of Our Time had this to say:
“If he wants to do that, he’ll have to wait for me to retire,” Rivera said. “You
know, then I think he has a shot at that. Besides that, he don’t have a shot at

He was then overheard saying "I fucked guys like him in the ass when I was in the can. Come in here and ruin my fucking party."

The rumors of A-Rod's demise have been greatly exaggerated

Rest easy, Yankee fans. He is still Alex Rodriguez. It's not like he got off PED's and took two months to hit his first home run. And then took curtain calls for the first FOUR home runs he actually did hit. Right, Papi?


Better than Berroa

Most pitchers are just that; pitchers. Mariano Rivera, on the other hand, is an athlete. And a great one, at that. The next time the Yankees hit a rough patch, he should get serious consideration for a corner outfield spot.


Happy Birthday Phil

Today is Phil Hughes' 23rd birthday. That's right, he is 23.

Many Yankee fans have soured on Hughes' potential, and in their defense it does seem as though he has been around forever. But at the end of the day, Hughes is still two years younger than Tim Lincecum. Christ, he' s only two months older than Braves' prospect (and certified Yankee raper) Tommy Hanson.

After another impressive outing out of the bullpen last night, Phil Hughes took another step toward being a horrifically overvalued Yankee prospect again. Congratulations, and Happy Birthday.


The Yankees have now played so poorly that I am embarrassed to tell people what I do here at TFB. Last night as I was watching Tommy Hanson impact the Yankees collective colon, I was doing some site work from my iPhone. When someone asked me what I was doing, I told them that I ran a human trafficking ring in Cambodia.

As the MSM continues to makes excuses for these players, this manager, and this organization, it is left to the people like me to tell it how it is. This team is not good. Jorge Posada should be over his injury. Alex Rodriguez should be playing better baseball, regardless if he is overworked or not. Joe Girardi should be eating more salmon or something because he needs to be sharper. Mark Teixeira needs to start playing like Mark Teixeira again (luv him!!!1!!!!!1!!). Derek Jeter needs to refill his Valtrex, because it seems his herpes are effecting him to the point that he can't beat out a goddamned double play ball.

Of course, all of this comes to a head on a night when the Red Sox do exactly what they are supposed to do and beat the Nats. As much as we like to despise Boston on this site, that is what good teams do. They take games from the Nationals. They take games from the Marlins. And surely, they do not get shut out in the first game of what could be a momentum-building series before playing at Shiti Field for three games this weekend.


CC Sabathia pulled from game with probable vaginitis

After being bulled in the second inning yesterday, the Yankees have said that CC Sabathia will make his next start as scheduled. Now I won't pretend to know whose call it was, the team or Sabathia, but a man making $20 million plus should be able to get through "shoulder tightness" for one start. Maybe the training regimen consisting of fried food and milkshakes finally caught up with ol' Carsten. (HAHAHA - because he is an unusually large gentleman. All I do here is post straight GOLD.)



Shut out by the Nationals? Really? Craig Stammen? Really?!?!?! Unbefuckinglievable.


Rain Men

I meant to throw this up earlier, but when the weather looks like this check out New Stadium Insider for updates. Ross and the boys have the whole doppler thing going, and do everything possible to inform their readers on how to plan their day when dealing with this bullshit, Northeastern weather.

Meanwhile, the Yankees are still in a rain delay although they are going to shoot for a 4pm first pitch.

A note to Joe Girardi

This picture presents concrete evidence that, yes, Alex Rodriguez has the ability to run. Apparently you had no idea that this was possible, as he was stationary at first base through Robinson Cano's entire nine-pitch at bat in the ninth inning with the tying run at third and one out.

If A-Rod's hip is still that much of a concern (I can't believe I am about to say this) then maybe Angel Berroa should have replaced him at first base. The bottom line is that the double play was the Nats only way out of that jam, and you did nothing to attempt to eliminate that possibility.

Please be sure to remove your head from your rectum next time, it makes managing the game infinitly simpler.

Jimmy Dugan


Apparently the stench of failure attracts dogs

As reported on Yahoo! (because, let's face it, it's not real news when the player is a nobody), Kyle Farnsworth was injured while breaking up a fight between his dogs, "Strike" and "Rambo".

I am almost ashamed of this, but I actually cracked a smile at the thought of this idiot getting his hand ravaged by a bulldog. Unfortunately for the Royals, it was Kyle's non-pitching hand that took the brunt of Fido's chomp.


It's about time

According to PeteAbe's blog, the Yankees have DFA'd Jose Veras to make room for Brian Bruney.

If the Yankees have any luck, Veras will not pass through waivers, and he will continue his suckitude in another uniform. Unfortunately, you and I both know that nobody else will be interested in him, and he will be back to blowing games in Scranton in no time. Then he will be inexplicably promoted again, and Girardi's completely unfounded confidence in his "live arm" will continue to hurt the Yankees down the stretch. I hate being right all of the time.

Verile Wang

According to Peter Abraham, Chien Ming Wang and his wife have welcomed their first child, Justin Jesse Wang, to the world this morning.

We congratulate the Wang's on the birth of their son, and wish the best of luck to J.J. Wang in his inevitable career as an adult film director.


Worth a look

Friend of the Balls Lane Meyer conducted an interview with Yankees #1 pick Slade Heathcott over at the NoMaas Draft Blog. The interview is mostly baseball-related and gives good insight into Heathcott's transition from pitcher to outfielder, as well as the questions that have surrounded the prospect's family life.

Dress code

Dear Nationals,

It would be greatly appreciated if you could get your shit together and at least look like a Major League team before you step into our new building.


The Yankees

Fantasy Pick of the Week

Powered by Fantasy Phenoms

Tony Gwynn, Jr. has been on fire lately, batting .350 over his last 12 games. He's batting .338 on the season and has stolen 20+ bases in the minor leagues throughout his career. With Scott Hairston on the DL, Tony's son has been taking advantage of the playing time he's received.Gwynn has already scored 14 runs hitting atop the Padres lineup and has stolen two bases. He may not project as a long-term solution, but he's a great start next week.
This article also appears on Fantasy Phenoms - I am tired of telling you how good they are, so see for yourself.

Still the JV team

Even though the Yankees should have dropped the series to the Metropolatinos this weekend, it was proven on both Friday and Sunday tht God hates the Mets.

Friday night, the Yankees were down by a run with two outs in the ninth when always clutch Alex Rodriguez hit a weak pop-up to three time Gold Glove second baseman Luis Castillo. With men on second and third, the sure-handed Castillo booted the short fly that a nine year old could have caught, handing the Yankees a win in the first game of the series.

After the Yankees were embarassed by Fernando Nieve (whoever the hell that is) on Saturday in a loss, the Mets looked to be in great position for a series win on Sunday as Johan Santana was set to face always erratic AJ Burnett. In a game that proved that betting on baseball is moronic, the Yanks took Santana over their collective knee and pummeled him the worst loss of his career. The 15-0 dickslap was the most lobsided win at home since 1954.

In my mind this proved nothing beyond the fact that the Mets have a black could of inferiority over their franchise. Rest assured, Met fans, - no matter how good the team may look in the low rent National League, the Yankees will reign supreme in this city. God makes sure of that.


The plain truth

Yankees vs. teams not names the Red Sox - 34-18
Red Sox vs. teams not names the Yankees - 28-24

I understand that the Yankees HAVE to beat the Red Sox to maintain a certain level of respectablility and sanity amongt Yankee fans, but the fact remains that the Yankees have been riddled with injuries since day one. Of the eight games played against the Boston, the Yankees have been without Alex Rodriguez for five, Jorge Posada for three, Brian Bruney for three, CMW is a ghost, and Teixeira was awful in the first five games. This is not making excuses, as I am embarassed as anyone by the performance the team has put up against the hated Red Sox, it is merely a statement of fact.

With all of the talk out of Boston, you would think that they are terrorizing the league and running away with the division. How about you learn how to beat some other teams before awarding yourselves the World Series?


Wait, what?

According to Buster Olney of ESPN, the Yankees are going to start Chien Ming Wang next week against the Natinals. I can't express my displeasure with this move adequately with my limited English vocabulary, so I will resort to random cursing fits throughout the rest of the evening. Balls. Anus. Elephant snatch. (hat tip to RAB)

The Curse of the Moose

The Yankees have not beaten the Red Sox since Mike Mussina made his deal with the Devil for his first 20-win season at the ripe old age of 76.



Lots of money, not much result. It's time for A.J. to step up.

And your 2009 #1 pick is...

Texas HS Outfielder Slade Heathcott*
To the surprise of some, the Yankees steered clear of power arm Tanner Scheppers and went with a high-ceiling, toolsy player in the first round. I know about as much about Heathcott as I do astrophysics, aside from what I have read and scouting videos. Personally, I like the idea of the pick, adding athletic position players that the organization lacks. It seems as though most Yankees draftniks approve of the pick, including Mike Axisa of RAB and Lane Meyer of NoMaas. John Manuel of Baseball America stated in a chat that he was not as hot on the pick, questioning Heathcott's makeup. The question of makeup is one that has been attached to Heathcott as his father is reportedly in jail on drug related charges, and his mother is thought to be involved in drugs as well. Fantastic. That being said, one thing that cannot be denied is his ability, as this scouting report from BA shows:

Heathcott is an enigma for scouts. He's a legitimate second-round talent as both an outfielder and a lefthanded pitcher, but he has DHed for most of the spring. He was out until mid-March recovering from November surgery to repair a torn ACL in his left knee, then jammed his throwing shoulder diving for a fly ball in his second game back. When healthy, he's an athletic outfielder with five-tool potential. He swings a quick bat from the left side and has strength and power in his 6-foot-1, 190-pound frame. He earns plus grades for his hitting and his speed, and he has good range and above-average arm strength in the outfield. Heathcott was selected for the Aflac All-American Game last summer as a pitcher, and some clubs like him more as a lefty with an 88-92 mph fastball that touches 94 and a promising curveball. There's effort in his delivery because he approaches pitching like he does everything else: full speed ahead. Heathcott hasn't pitched this spring because of the shoulder injury, however. His makeup also is a concern for several clubs, so it's uncertain where he'll fit in the draft. He's committed to Louisiana State.

All in all, I will like this pick IF AND ONLY IF it allows the Yankees to pay up for more signability cases in the later rounds. By taking a player like Heathcott instead of a high-pricetag guy like Tanner Scheppers, Damon Oppenheimer will (presumably) have more flexibility to throw money at high ceiling players in the later rounds (see: Jackson, Austin; Betances, Dellin).

*Yes, that picture really is him. How could he have makeup issues if he loves his dog so much?


Are you kidding?

As you well know, the Yankees start a three game series with the Boston Red Sox tonight at Fenway.

Over at Boston Dirt Dogs, they posted this piece of garbage to welcome the Yanks, mostly Alex Rodriguez to the shittiest town on earth. The fact that these morons have the testicular fortitude to demonize an already flawed character like A-Rod is curious considering of the two players that CARRIED them to championships, Manny Ramirez is serving a fifty game suspension for the use of PED's, and David Ortiz' production has miraculously plummeted like an AirFrance flight over the past two years (holy run-on sentence Batman - what am I Dennis Miller??).

Maybe it's time we put this to bed boys, no?

The one that got away

Last year, the Yankees drafted California high school righty Gerrit Cole with their first round pick, yada, yada, yada, he didn't sign.

We profiled Cole after being drafted last year, figuring that by this time we would be salivating over what his 90+ mph fastball was doing to hitters in the SALLY league. But, alas, it was not meant to be (as I discussed with Lane Meyer in our 8 (or so) Questions segment, posted yesterday. Yes, I will continue my path of ruthless self-promotion, thank you very much).

As a freshman at UCLA, Cole was a weekend starter for the Bruins. Though his record was less than impressive (the Bruins overall were a paltry 27-29), Cole was impressive as a freshman as he pitched to a 3.49 ERA and racked up 104 K's in just 85 innings of work.

Good luck to Gerrit in his future....wait a minute - screw him. Thanks for nothing.

Draft Day!!

The Major League Amateur Draft takes place this evening on MLB Network. As RAB noted yesterday, this is the first time in recent memory where there is no clear target for the Yankees.

As I said last year, I am far from a draftnik, so I leave it to the best. I engourage you all to take a look at the NoMaas Draft Blog, and also keep an eye on Mike Axisa over at RAB. These guys go nose-deep in the ass of the draft, and provide all of the information you need to get to know the Yankees picks.

Make sure you check out our latest installment of 8 (or so) Questions with Lane Meyer of the NoMaas Draft Blog. It will serve as a great appetizer for tonights festivities.

"It's Cokey's job"

That was the quote from Joe Girardi, speaking in reference to the eigth inning setup role left vacant when Brian Bruney was injured. With all of the injuries and breakdowns that have befallen the Yankees 'pen, it doesn't seem unreasonable that Girardi would be turning to Phil Coke, but last night a new contender emerged for the job.

After Andy Pettitte battled through yet another six inning start, Girardi called on Phil Hughes to pitch the seventh. Sitting at 93-94 mph, and displaying his usual wicked curveball, Hughes looked every bit of the setup man that the Yankees are in which the Yankees are in such dire need.

Philly Yayo also pitched a scoreless inning, but in his usual fashioned he did his part to make it more interesting. Striking out Carlos Pena to start the inning, to me, was impressive. I must say that I was waiting for the Mike-Myers-to-David-Ortiz moment where Coke would hang a slider and Pena would hit it into the next fiscal quarter, but alas, I was proved wrong. But it was what happened after that that should concern Yankee fans. It seems as though Coke can not have the clean inning that is needed in a one run game. Though he eked through last night, how many times will a team as powerful as the Ex Rays leave that tying run on second?

This may seem like a pro-bulpen Hughes argument, but it isn't. If he benefits the team there now then so be it, but a longer term solution must be found. Once a spot in the starting five opens up, Hughes has to be stretched out enough to take the ball for six innings. Throwing one and two inning outings could result in a regression.

I look forward to seeing who comes available on the trade market, but for right now, my vote is to make a move for Huston Street of Colorado. He is a proven back-of-the-bullpen guy, and could be had for a non-Montero-or-Jackson prospect. For now, though, the eigth inning should belong to Hughes.


8 (or so) Questions: Lane Meyer of NoMaas

In a real treat for our readers, NoMaas' Lane Meyer agreed to sit down and discuss tomorrow's amateur draft with me. Lane runs a draft blog attached to NoMaas, click here, that has become the foremost stop for Yankees draft fanatics. I dropped him a line to get the low-down on who the Yankees could pick, his great interviews with Damon Oppenheimer, and snack foods.

Jimmy Dugan - Though you are as big a Yankee fan as the rest of us nutcases, you are a man amongst boys when it comes to the draft. What draws you to this particular event?
Lane Meyer - I just love the fact that it has so many facets. Sensei John Kreese always makes fun of me for saying "the talent does not flow linearly," but it's the truth. The fact that any team literally has the chance to have the best draft, and likely the best farm system, if they just decide to spend a little more money makes the whole event exciting. Last year Kansas City set the all-time record for total signing bonuses in a single draft (just north of $11 million) and they got a haul of great talent. Knowing that the Yankees are willing to do similar things makes all three days of the draft extremely exciting. For example, Dellin Betances was taken in the 8th round a few years ago, while Mark Melancon followed him in the 9th. Dellin fell because of a strong Vanderbilt commitment and a $1 million pricetag, while Mark dropped because there were strong indications that he'd need Tommy John surgery. Here's the thing though - Yankees fans went nuts that year when they were drafted because we KNEW they were good picks. When following the draft, the 26th round pick could possibly have more talent than the 2nd rounder, and that's what is so intriguing about it.

JD - As is very well known, Gerrit Cole gave the Yankees the finger and went to UCLA after the team used its first round pick on him. Is this a commentary on the cockiness of the organization feeling that they can buy anyone, or was Cole giving off mixed signals about his signability?
LM - In no way, shape, or form did Gerit Cole tell the Yankees that he was undecided - this had nothing to do with the Yankees being cocky or misreading things. An organization like the Yankees does not "take a chance" with their 1st round pick. They had specific conversations and were led to believe that he was absolutely willing to sign with them. Then he changed his mind. The end.

JD - You have commented on the blog that you desire more raw power in the organization - anyone in particular you would target?
LM - Yeah, one of the guys I interviewed, Tommy Joseph out of Horizon High in Arizona has a fantastic right-handed swing, and most scouting services report him possessing "light-tower power." He's a bit raw defensively (catcher), but his bat is top-notch and I'd love to see the Yankees take a shot at him.

JD - Though I personally see it as unlikely, Keith Law's latest mock draft has Tanner Scheppers falling into the second round - could a college pitcher with Scheppers' talent fall past the Yankees?
LM - Absolutely, and for two reasons: First, his asking price. Second, his injury history. Shoulder injuries are a terrifying thing, and although Scheppers has been bumping it up to 98 mph, if a team does not like what it sees on his medicals they're not going to pick him. Then when you factor into the equation that he might be asking for several million dollars, you can see why he might fall until someone feels the opportunity cost of the pick is worth selecting him.

JD - This draft is lighter at the top when it comes to elite college hitters than past drafts. Could a player like Dustin Ackley or even Grant Green possibly fall to the Yankees due their pricetag?
LM- I doubt there's any chance in hell of Ackley falling. He's one of the best college hitters we've seen in quite some time, and even if his demands are ridiculous (rumored to be between $9-$10 million) he's just too good a player to fall that far. Green is in the same boat, but because there have been more knocks on him this season (lack of power, poor defense) there's the slight chance that he could fall all the way to #29...but it's still doubtful at this point. However, that could all change in a day if some new demands come out, and that's another reason the MLB draft is so exciting.

JD - In your latest, in-depth interview with Damon Oppenheimer (which are incredible, by the way) you asked him how the Yankees evaluate hitters coming off of injuries - was this an indirect reference to high school super-stud Luke Bailey?
LM - Not really, but I suppose you could make a very indirect correlation because Bailey has had TJS, but his name was not brought into the conversation, nor was his position, even. I was simply curious how a team would look to evaluate that situation (TJS to a position player), and Damon gave me a logical and insightful answer.

JD - After reading about him, I think I am obsessed with David Renfroe - is my craziness well founded, or should I take that camera out of his bushes?
LM - David is a great guy to talk to, loves baseball, and is relatively new to being a full-time position player, so he's definitely worth getting excited about. I'd only ask that you don't fall victim to the same virus that so many other newer draft fans are felled by, and that is thinking we know better than the actual scouts. If the Yankees don't take Renfroe on Tuesday (which I think is more an more unlikely) there's a reason behind that, and we know so little actual information about the situation that it's not right for us to level criticism like we've been out there scouting the kid on multiple occasions.

JD - Gun to your head - who is the Yankees first round draft pick in 2009?
LM - I'm going to switch it up and say Joseph or Renfroe. I'll be writing an entry in the next 24 hours to discuss why.

JD - Now that the MLB Draft is televised, what makes the MLB Draft better than the NFL Draft?
LM - Well, the televised portion is terrible because it's only 3 rounds, and like we discussed earlier, part of the excitement is that great prospects can be picked at any point. For me it's better than the NFL draft because it moves much, much more quickly and the excitement that is generated by a player falling in the 1st round of the NFL Draft for an hour or so is omnipresent for nearly 3 full days in the MLB Draft.

JD - What do you eat to maintain sustenance during the impossibly long draft?
LM - Grilled steaks and ice cold watermelon, along with gallons of lemonade.

Thanks again to Lane Meyer for taking our questions. Definitely check out NoMaas' Draft Blog, as Lane has interviewed many potential draft picks as well as Damon Oppenheimer himself.

Fantasy Pick of the Week

Powered by Fantasy Phenoms

Scott Podsednik has risen from the dead.. yet again. This time, he's back with the White Sox, with whom he stole 59 abd 40 bases in two consecutive seasons. Since joining the team in May, he's been back to his old tricks.

Podsednik is currently batting .300 with seven stolen bases in only 127 AB. With Carlos Quentin currently on the disabled list, Scott has been playing full time. He's scored 14 times and driven in nine runners.

Because he's walked seven times as well, he's increasing his chances of stealing a base in the process.

Podsednik's tenure on your roster doesn't have to be a long one, but next week he'll get a rare eight-game week. If there's a week to play him, it's next week.
This article also appears at Fantasy Phenoms. If you don't read their site, there is a 85% chance that you fantasy team sucks.


Melky Cabrera enjoys peanuts, whores

I know I am a few days late on this, but this was just too fantastic to pass on. This post at Terez Owens is of Melky Cabrera in a hotel room. No big deal. Except the person behind the camera is none other than porn "actress", former California gubernatorial candidate and perennial "Celebrity Rehab" star Mary Carey. I am sure that Dr. Drew was thrilled to see the assortment of empty wine bottles in the background.

Though we are used to seeing Melky give his interviews through a translator, it seems as though he knows a little English. As Carey fires question after question, Melky answers them with relative ease. It must be nice to have friends that are helping you better yourself and learn a new language. It must be even nicer when they are whores.


Attention Yankee fans: Wake up

The Yankees dropped last night's game to the Rangers 4-2 at the Stadium. Fine. It was their seventh loss in the last twenty five games, so we as educated Yankee fans should be understand that sometimes games like that happen, right?

No such luck. Not only were the natives restless in the Bronx, there was some booing of Alex Rodriguez when he failed in clutch situations. Since A-Rod's return, the Yankees have been on an absolute tear, going 18-7 and watching names like Teixeira, Jeter, and Damon awaken to become the players that they were expected to be. Yet, we still boo A-Rod.

So as brutal as Yankee fans are to their own, one would expect that Andy Pettitte felt the wrath after having (another) terrible start, right? Nope. Andy still gets a pass for things that he accomplished a decade (or more) ago. The shield that surrounds the "Players of the Dynasty" seems impenetrable to many fans. Poor performances, ridiculous contract demands (we're looking at you Mo and Jorge), and even PED usage are forgiven by the Yankee fans when attached to these golden boys.

New York sports fans have long been complimented on their knowledge of the games that they watch. Always cheering a sacrifice bunt, always booing the run call on third and long. Yet for some reason, we throw intelligence to the wind when dealing with Alex Rodriguez, a.k.a. the BEST player on this team. It's time that we as a group put an end to this nonsense, and appreciate his capabilities. No need to kiss his ass, but the ignorance is getting out of hand - we can't all be PeteAbe's about it.


Jesus rises

Hat tip to New Stadium Insider (read: Ross, I stole this from your Twitter feed), Yankees catching prospect/God Jesus Montero has been promoted to AA Trenton.

RAB has been speculatiing that either Montero or Austin Romine was in line for a promotion, as they have been splitting catching duties in High A Tampa, and the Yankees wanted both prospects to get daily reps behind the plate. Montero was chosen, assumingly, for his advanced bat as he has been sodomizing the pitcher-friendly FSL to the tune of .356/.406/.583 as a 20 year old.

Book Corner

Always one to whore myself out, I wanted to pass along a book that I came across that you might be interested in (assuming you are able to read and don't just look at the site's pictures).

I will let the author, Paul Keck, give the synopsis:

The Greatest Comeback Ever is a daily journal I wrote at age sixteen in 1978,
covering all sports but first and foremost my favorite team-the New York
Yankees. From 14 games behind the first place Boston Red Sox in mid July that
season, the 1978 Yankees raced back to win the American League East division and
went on to win the World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. A unique book
on a unique season, baseball fans of all ages will enjoy this rip-roaring
journal of the greatest comeback in baseball history.
Having not been alive in 1978, the run that the Yankees went on that summer is one that I have heard about (seemingly endlessly) from my father for years. Having lived through the Yankees dynastic run of the 1990's, it is interesting to read the thoughts of someone of similar age during this historic summer. So, I encourage you all to click here and buy the book to support Paul's efforts. And while you are in the buying mood, click here and buy a friggin' tshirt.

Let your love grow

The Balls' love affair with Mark Teixeira was brought to new heights last night in the 12-3 ass-whipping that the Yankees laid on the Texas Rangers.

After being plunked by Vincente Padilla for the second time in the game, Teixeira was not happy. The Rangers learned a valuable lesson last night, one they shall carry with them forever: do not make Tex angry. On the ensuing ground ball Teixeira executed a hard-nosed slide into second base, breaking up a would-be double play, and prolonging the inning. It was at that point that Hideki Matsui blasted a three run shot, putting the game out of reach.

After years of watching the Yankees prance around like a bunch of school girls, it was great to see a player show some well placed aggression. The fact is I could piss in Derek Jeter's Cheerios while he was eating them and he would talk about how it is all "part of the game" and how he needs to take it "one day at a time". The message is now clear to the rest of the league. Nobody fucks with Mark Teixeira without consequences.


Settin' Records

Last night the Yankees played their 18th-straight errorless game. Apparently, this is a new Major League record. This got me thinking, is defense in the Major Leagues that historically bad that not a SINGLE team in the league's history has gone 20 games without booting one or Knoblauching one into the stands? Maybe I am in the minority here, but 18 games does not seem like a very impressive number. Aside from hitting a home run or Peter Gammons abstaining tickling Dustin Pedroia's taint, I can't think of anything that would invoke awe after just 18 consecutive games - can you?

Back to the 8th inning!!!11!!!!!1!!!

8 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 5-2 K-BB in dominant win over Cleveland