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Yankees vs. teams not names the Red Sox - 34-18
Red Sox vs. teams not names the Yankees - 28-24

I understand that the Yankees HAVE to beat the Red Sox to maintain a certain level of respectablility and sanity amongt Yankee fans, but the fact remains that the Yankees have been riddled with injuries since day one. Of the eight games played against the Boston, the Yankees have been without Alex Rodriguez for five, Jorge Posada for three, Brian Bruney for three, CMW is a ghost, and Teixeira was awful in the first five games. This is not making excuses, as I am embarassed as anyone by the performance the team has put up against the hated Red Sox, it is merely a statement of fact.

With all of the talk out of Boston, you would think that they are terrorizing the league and running away with the division. How about you learn how to beat some other teams before awarding yourselves the World Series?


Anonymous said...

Typical Yankee fan. It is funny how you can make a picture look when you only tell 1 side of the story. Oh boo-hoo.. The Yankees have had to deal with so many issues. Like the Red Sox haven’t?

Papi has been non-existent for the whole season. JD Drew has missed handful of games here and there. Youk missed 2 weeks in May. We have no SS and are trying to get by with a journeyman who supposedly wasn’t even good enough to hold a place on YOUR AAA team. And you went through April with Dice-k having left himself and his pitching arm at the WBC, and Lester and Beckett were terrible for April and half of May. The Yankees haven’t had any more issues from a underperforming/injury standpoint than Boston has.

Oh, and funny you should mention the records. Let’s see. Yankees have played Baltimore 9 times – going 6-3 while the sox have only played them 4 (going 4-0). Yankees are 2-1 vs. KC (Boston has yet to play). Boston has had to play the Angles 1 more series than NY, same with MIN, TEX, and TOR. Not to mention, Boston has already taken 2 West Coast trips – while the Yankees have taken how many? Oh yeah… zero.

I wouldn’t be too confident in your team. You have been beating up on the nobodies and haven’t played anyone that matters much... yet… I want to see you bring up the record once those games vs. the shitty teams have evened out. I bet you things will be a LOT different then. Lester and Beckett are dealing. Hopefully Dice-K will find his way on the DL and Penny will stay here. And the Sox will be running away with the best 1-11 pitching staff in MLB… with a good offense to boot.

Oh yeah.. and guess what 8-0 means? It means that when the Sox win 2 more games, they win the season series and the head to head tie breaker. They tie for the division and what does that mean? Oh yeah, you guys are starting the ALDS on the road (assuming you even MAKE the playoffs) – and more than likely on the West Coast. We all know how much the Angles have had your number in the playoffs in recent yaer…. Oh wait, who HASN’T? lol… and if you make it through Division series, you have to play 4 games in Fenway Park to try to get to the WS? Not happening

But its ok.. you and the rest of your delusional Yankee fans can keep yelling about your 26 titles – most of which were won what? Over 20, 30 years ago? You guys are jokes… I will take the ones that matter most… like the ones this decade…

cat said...

Bravo! Keep visiting and commenting. Go Sox!

Jimmy Dugan said...

Its funny that these comments by an obviously (albeit rare) intelligent Red Sox fan remain anonymous.

As for your argument, I was addressing the IGONROANT Red Sox fans that have been so kind as to fill my inbox with messages of how much the Yankees suck. Or how about their douchebag of an owner who tweets about the "Curse of Mark Teixeira" - the guy he would push his mother in front of a train to have signed(by the way, WTF is a 132 year old man doing on twitter??).Its funny how the mouths of meaningless drunken frat boys start to run as players like Pedroia and Youkilis continue to compliment the Yankees on how they can't take a team this talented lightly.

The Yankees don't suck - and for that matter, neither do the Red Sox. Everyone knows that it will come down to these two teams in the AL East, and that these games that they Yankees have dropped could play an intrigal part in the outcome of this season. But what is absolutely ridiculous to me is the doom and gloom cast over a team that is two games out of first place when they have had an inordinate amount of obstacles to overcome.

The Red Sox have dealt with the loss of Lowrie, sure, but Wakefield also has eight wins with a 4.5 ERA. Kevin Youkilis is playing out of his mind. The bullpen has been flawless, and that won't last either.

The point of the post is not to throw daggers, but there is 102 games left, and the powers in the AL East are 2 games apart. Now lets all take our heads out of eachother's asses and enjoy the season.

MABamaFan said...

I was too lazy to have to make a handle this morning. Better?

I agree with you. Barring catestrophic injury (hell, maybe only to BOS as we saw NY can get by w/o Arod) - this is a 2 team race to the WS. The dodgers are phonies and anyone who thinks - Manny or No Manny - they are gonna beat a healthy BOS or NY is a fool.

I read your site, even though i am a red sox fan b/c - i love how you (most of the time anyways) call a spade a spade and arent afriad to rip NY if it is warranted. I just felt the need to actually reply to your post this morning b/c i felt like you were only feeding Yankee propaganda and not looking at both sides of the story. The yankees to this point have done what they have to do - beat up on the red headed step children. The Sox have yet to really play them. Will they do the same? I hope so, but we wont know till the games are played

I know it is June. I have never myself said this division is over. That is foolish, b/c the yankees WILL fix their major holes (ie that mess you call a pen). They have invested WAYYYY too much money in this team not to.

But any Yankee fan that does not think this 8-0 start has any type of significance is as dumb as the idiot Red Sox fans that chant Yankees Suck during a Sox/Rangers game - hell, it is long played out and frankly in my opinion, makes sox fans look retarded even if they ARE playing the Yankees.

Yeah, if the Yankees go 5-13 vs BOS and win the division by 5 games and BOS doesnt make the PO's, it means shit. But you cant tell me it may not fuck with some of these guys heads if you go 5-13 and have to face BOS in the ALCS. Yeah, it wont effect the few old guard guys left (Mo, Jeter, Pettite, Jorge)... but the guys who havent been part of a dynasty?

Anyways... keep the site going strong... You drive me nuts sometimes with the propaganda.. lol... but still love your site!

Skip said...

Fact of the matter is, you throw Burnett and CC with the whole Yankee line-up set up the way it was this week, you need to win those games. That's why you went out and got those guys. Bottom line. No excuses.

Jimmy Dugan said...

Skip - That's abolutely true, no disagreement from me. But three games in June do not a season make, no matter the circumstances.

Burnett crapped himself, coughagaincough, but CC was dominant until the rain got really heavy.

How about Girardi throws Mo into a high leverage situation instead of Alfredo "I have never pitched the 8th inning" Aceves?