Attention Yankee fans: Wake up

The Yankees dropped last night's game to the Rangers 4-2 at the Stadium. Fine. It was their seventh loss in the last twenty five games, so we as educated Yankee fans should be understand that sometimes games like that happen, right?

No such luck. Not only were the natives restless in the Bronx, there was some booing of Alex Rodriguez when he failed in clutch situations. Since A-Rod's return, the Yankees have been on an absolute tear, going 18-7 and watching names like Teixeira, Jeter, and Damon awaken to become the players that they were expected to be. Yet, we still boo A-Rod.

So as brutal as Yankee fans are to their own, one would expect that Andy Pettitte felt the wrath after having (another) terrible start, right? Nope. Andy still gets a pass for things that he accomplished a decade (or more) ago. The shield that surrounds the "Players of the Dynasty" seems impenetrable to many fans. Poor performances, ridiculous contract demands (we're looking at you Mo and Jorge), and even PED usage are forgiven by the Yankee fans when attached to these golden boys.

New York sports fans have long been complimented on their knowledge of the games that they watch. Always cheering a sacrifice bunt, always booing the run call on third and long. Yet for some reason, we throw intelligence to the wind when dealing with Alex Rodriguez, a.k.a. the BEST player on this team. It's time that we as a group put an end to this nonsense, and appreciate his capabilities. No need to kiss his ass, but the ignorance is getting out of hand - we can't all be PeteAbe's about it.

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Steve said...

I was at the game courtesy of Chick's tickets, and A-Rod came up with the bases loaded and disappeared...I think that the booing was more a product of frustration than it was of A-Rod's failure, being dominated by a no-name pitcher will do that to you.