We don't need no stinking patches!

This will be the commemorative cap that the Yankees will be wearing this season. Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on one - another innovative marketing win for the Yankees. The boys over at RAB love it, Pete Abe doesn't. What to you think?


Opinions are like assholes...

I have come to the conclusion that even though The Balls is the best site on the internet, you probably read other sites (not that I agree with that).

To show some love for my fellow blogger brethren, I sent out an email to some of the most prominent Yankee bloggers in the business and asked them the following question:

Who is most important to the Yankees success in 2009?

Here's what they had to say:

Deputy Dog - The Fowl Balls
The Most Important Yankee is far and away Joe Girardi. He has a massive
payroll.....the three best available free agents....a PED Crisis with a
fragile-egoed third baseman and two bosses with the last name Steinbrenner (as
if one wasn't bad enough). And he's the guy that has to hold it all together for
162 and the playoffs.....if he cracks....the ship will sink.

Fernando Alejandro - Respect Jeter's Gangster
Most Important Yankee: Derek Jeter When you think of consistency and playing
hard, you think of Derek Jeter. Even in an off year like 2008, he still
hit .300. I know opposing teams don't fear his 15 homerun power, but even
A-Rod is left to date 50 year old pop singers when Jeter's around. Respect
his gangster.

Steve Lombardi - Was Watching
Gene Monahan. If anyone could ever blow the lid off Yankeeland, he's the
guy. He's the only one who's been there since Day One of Big Stein.

Steve - The Yankees: Minors to Majors
The last few years, Chien-Ming Wang. He has been the rock of the
staff. They probably don't make the playoffs without his debut in '05, he
gives them 200 excellent innings the next two seasons, and when he gets injured,
the team falls apart.

Rob Abruzzese - Bronx Baseball Daily
Jorge Posada's shoulder will be the most important part of the Yankees in 2009.
If it's healthy he is a major cog in the lineup, but without him they have an
automatic out in the lineup, Jose Molina, and have to carry three catchers. That
would take away from the team's versatility by eating up a spot on the roster.

Charlie - The Chuck Knoblog
The most important Yankee is Joba Chamberlain. This young pitcher has some of
the best stuff I have ever seen. If he performs well, like he has in the past,
he can be a great talent and leader for the Yankees for years to come.

El Duque - It Is High, It Is Far, It Is caught
Phil Hughes. He is still the face of the next generation and the whole notion
that we can build from the farm. If he utterly fails, I fear we'll go back to
the old ways and start trading young players for whatever we need.

Alex H. - Coast to Coast Baseball
Derek Jeter-The importance of having a great leader in the clubhouse is often
overlooked, Derek, no matter how bad times are for the Yankees, has a positive
attitude. He makes sure he has a great relationship with all of the players so
no one feels left out; ever wonder why the Yankee clubhouse had such great
chemistry? It's because of the 'Captain'.

Donnie23 - Hank's Yankees

In baseball it's difficult to choose one team member as "most important".
That being said, C.C. Sabathia will carry heavy bags this season for the
Yankees. His performance early in the season may set the tone for the
team. There is something positive that spreads throughout the team
when your Ace is in the grove. When hitters are confident that their Ace
will hold the opponents run count down, they relax and perform better.
Burnett, Wang, Pettite and Chamberlain are important as well. So all
things considered, the starting pitching staff is the most important Yankee

J - 3:10 to Joba
For the year 2009, it's Mark Teixeira. He needs to justify the Yankees swooping
in and stealing him from the Red Sox by avoiding the typical slow start that has
plagued the Yankees in recent years. The team is also in desperate need of
quiet, businesslike star who can take some of the spotlight off of every Alex
Rodriguez AB and Tex can do this by having a great season and giving the papers
and talking heads something positive to talk about.

Ross - New Stadium Insider

The most important Yankee for 2009 is Jorge Posada. If he misses
100 games again, the Yankees will be in deep trouble, just like they were
last year. There is no greater of a drop-off than from Jorge to his backup on the
entire team.

Later on I will post an article with my opinion, hopefully these answers are enough to wet your beak. Or your lips. It would be weird if you had a beak. Anyways, thanks to all of my fellow Yankee enthusiasts for participating!


Not a betting man

On June 8th, 2008, The Fowl Balls conducted an interview with Peter Abraham for our "8 (or so) Questions With..." series. I am mentioning this because it was brought to my attention by Jim M., a die-hard fan of The Balls that Pete Abe should be taken to task for one of his answers:

Jimmy Dugan - Vegas odds: A. Yankees Signing CC Sabathia
B. Yankees Signing Mark Teixiera
C. Yankees Signing BOTH Sabathia and Teixiera
Peter Abraham - A. 20-1
B. 1-2
C. 100-1

Why I didn't take that bet with 100-1 odds, I will never know. One thing I do know is that you will not see me at the ttrack with "Peter the Mush" any time soon.

Baseball America Names 3 Yankees Prospects to Top 100 List

Baseball America has released its always anticipated list of what they perceive to be the top 100 prospects in baseball. The Yankees checked in with three players; CF Austin Jackson at 36, C Jesus Montero at 38, and P Andrew Brackman at 92.

In terms of being a 'prospect', I object to Jackson being ranked higher than Montero. By most accounts, Jackson should be a serviceable center fielder; playing good defense, while his bat and discipline still need time to develop. Montero, however, is being touted as an elite bat with a possible move out from behind the dish. Though hard hitting catchers are hard to come by, I feel that in this particular case too much of Montero's value is being tied to position. At the end of the day, a .300/.400/.550 hitter is a 300/.400/.550 hitter. By this time next year, I think Montero could be ranked in the top 5 in all of baseball as a catcher - but even if he is moved, his bat still would not bump him out of my top ten. Nobody f*cks with the Jesus.

While Jackson and Montero have showed results as professionals, Andrew Brackman is the ultimate high-ceiling prospect. Though his track record is limited, throwing only 149 innings in three years of college before TJ surgery and seeing a littel action in the Hawaiian League last fall, the physical tools of Brackman are just too overwhelming to ignore. At 6'10", Brackman is an imposing figure on the mound. His height, along with a fastball that has pushed triple digits, are enough to put him in the top 100. 2009 will be a big year for Brack, who could potentially rocket to the top of the 2010 Baseball America list - or just as easily fall completely off of it.


Who's To Blame?

The Deputy Dog is barking mad!

Enough is enough, already. Stop the shenanigans. PLEASE! I beg of you in the name of all that is holy.

What does it tell us when the two most honest sports figures of our time are Jose Canseco and Sir Charles Barkley?

It tells us that Barkley was correct. Athletes are not role models. Sports don’t owe us any morality and athletes don’t owe children who buy their jerseys any parenting. That’s what they have PARENTS for.

Alex Rodriguez did not cause the steroid era in baseball. Neither did Mark McGwire, Andy Pettitte, Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds. As a matter fact, despite the fact that he has done the most in my lifetime to kill the great game I love, Alan H. “Bud” Selig did not even cause the steroid era.

So who did cause the steroid era? Who is the evil villain that gave us this modern day plague on our house?

Donald Fehr.

This man convinced the MLB Players Union that the 1994 strike was a good idea. It wasn’t.

The darkest, coldest fall on record was 1994. No baseball. No world series. No Cal Ripken. Nothing but millionaires and multi-millionaires fighting over a couple of billion dollars, all at the urging of Mr. Fehr.

The delayed start of the 1995 season pushed Ripken’s record breaking game back even further and probably cost Mike Mussina his first 20 win season. Thanks Don.

Even after the game was back, the fans weren’t. How does an average joe making 30 grand a year justify going to a game were these guys just stopped working because $8 million a year wasn’t enough?

For the second time in history, the great game needed to be saved. The first time we can blame the Blacksox Scandal. The second time, we have no choice but to blame Don Fehr.

How could Bud Selig go after steroids when the union had there foot on his throat? How could he stop the one thing that was bringing back the fans? Chicks dig the long ball. As a matter of fact, everyone digs the longball.

Just look at the ratings for the 1998 season if you don’t believe. I know where I was the night Mark McGwire launched that ball over the left field fence at the old Busch Stadium. I am betting you do too.

Don Fehr did this. Bud couldn’t stop it. The players merely did what these two men forced them to do. They were pawns in the greater game.

Don’t blame Alex Rodriguez or Brady Anderson or Rafael Palmeiro. Please. It’s enough already. They are no different than the beer league softball player that buys the $600.00 titanium bat to hit balls 450 feet. They just want to play ball and be great. Don Fehr pushed. Bud turned a blind eye. We asked. They delivered.

So get off their asses.


Philly Yayo goes back to the 'pen

According to Peter Abraham, Joe Girardi has said that the Yankees are preparing Phil Coke as a reliever this season.

We were excited to hear that Coke was to be treated as a starting pitcher, seeing as though he is a left handed, power arm that can throw three pitches for strikes. However, the Yankees now have a full rotation, pushing Coke out of the running. This is a case of need vs. want working on the Yankees. Sure, you want every lefty to be a starter when they have the skill set, but Yayo is no kid (he will be 27 on Opening Day), and Cashman must use every asset at his disposal to win a World Series this year. ESPECIALLY this year.

With Abraham also reporting that Edwar "Chocolate Rain" Ramirez could be shelved with a sore shoulder, this could be the perfect opportunity for Philly Yayo to crack the Opening Day roster.


Viva El Hefe

According to Peter Abraham, George Steinbrenner himself is at the Yankees Spring Training complex in Tampa today. No word on whether or not he is flanked by Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman.

That's the smartest thing I have ever heard anyone say about anything

After John Henry got off of his soapbox and wiped the tears from his eyes, it was only a matter of time before Hank Steinbrenner opened his swimming pool sized mouth. This time, though, Hanky had some worthwhile things to say, rather than just speaking to hear himself talk.

"Along with a few other teams, we're basically baseball's stimulus package," Steinbrenner told The Associated Press.
This is what we at The Fowl Balls have been preaching from day one. The New York Yankees serve as a financial safety net for much of baseball, and their clout is actually helping to stimulate the game. Major League Baseball merchandise sales are split evenly amongst the league's teams, so let me ask you this; when was the last time you saw someone, ANYONE, wearing a Kansas City Royals hat? Not to mention the socialist spreading of wealth disguised as "revenue sharing".
The Yankees are what keeps these teams afloat in many cases, and yet they STILL refuse to spend money on players. This is not a Red Sox-Yankees argument because John Henry is simply an imbecile. He HAS the money, yet he would rather sit back and sign 17 injury cases this winter instead of giving his team what it needs, and his fan base what it wants. This argument is about the small market teams that hoard the money bestowed upon them by the Yankees instead of improving their standing. And, for once, Hank is right.


Maybe you should sell more pink hats

In a move that can't be considered anything more that sour grapes, Red Sox owner John Henry is once again calling for a salary cap. Oddly enough, the last time he made such public statements was when the Yankees acquired Alex Rodriguez five years ago.

After allowing the Yankees to acquire Mark Teixeira over a paltry $12 million over eight years, Henry is once again crying poverty. I find it hard to believe that other teams take this seriously. If I was the owner of the Pirates, I would bitch slap this walking corpse at the next owners meeting.

The Yankees are evil and terrible and rich and powerful, yet the Red Sox bought players like Pedro Martinez, Curt Schilling, Johnny Damon, Manny Ramirez, and Keith Foulke to form the cornerstone to a championship team. I am sick and tired of Red Sox players, fans, and now ownership screaming from the hill tops that they are at a disadvantage. While other teams are treading water (or even worse), the Red Sox continue to be a money making machine that does not impart that wealth back to its players, and, therefore, to its fans.


Burnett and Sabathia to Yanks: "I got your tradition right here."

Shortly after hearing that Brian Cashman forced CC Cabathia to shave off his beard and all the world was right, I came across this picture from Newsday. If George Steinbrenner were alive to see his two new pitchers covered in tattoos, what would he be saying?

Oh, wait, what? He isn't dead? Ok, what if they let him out of that Tupperware that he has been sleeping in since 1999? I bet he'd be pissed - literally, right in his Depends.

A-Rod Press Conference

Hat tip to Was Watching and SNY for providing the video. (although I wish I had audio so I didn't have to watch every stupid face that A-Rod makes. I reccommend closing your eyes after hitting play. Unless you are deaf, then carry on with the video.)

Is This Over Yet?

Is anyone else sick and f*cking tired of watching Alex Rodriguez make Jim Halpert faces on national television? He looks like he just got caught putting Derek Jeter's jock strap in a Jell-O mold.


Happy V Day

From the biggest V of them all.


Reason # 5,623,438,234 why hockey sucks

Despite its low scoring affairs and lack of American players, the NHL has gone against all odds and made sure that hockey can be even less enjoyable. On Friday night, the Colorado Avalanche and Montreal Canadiens will face off (HA! Hockey pun!) in Montreal. To spice up the broadcast, they will air the entire second period in black and white. This will only effect the US viewers, seeing as though color TV and other real sports have obviously yet to reach Canada.

Hi, I am Bud Selig, and I am an idiot

According to an article in The Daily News this morning, Bud Selig is considering levying punishment on Alex Rodriguez for his admitted steroid use from 2001 to 2003.

"It was against the law, so I would have to think about that," Selig told the paper. "It's very hard. I've got to think about all that kind of stuff."

This is just amazing to me that Selig is moronic enough to make a statement like this. First of all, "...all that kind of stuff"???? Should we really be comfortable with a commissioner with the verbal prowess of a third grade book report? How exactly does he plan on punishing Alex Rodriguez for taking a drug that he himself was too ignorant to ban in the first place? WHat about the other 103 players that tested positive?

There was a point when Bud Selig's tenure as commissioner would forever be marked by the triumph of the Wild Card system. Now his reign will be riddled with steroids, tied All-Star games, strikes, and missed World Series. Incompetence and ignorance will now be the hallmark of the Selig Era, and rightfully so. After pulling the game from the depths of unpopularity (**cough** thanks to Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa hitting 139 steroid induced home runs **cough), Bud Selig has become the worst commissioner in sports. Well, baseball and football, because they are the only major sports left, but you get my point. He should obviously be the highest paid commissioner in all the land.


The Curious Case of Nick Swisher

**I originally wrote this article for Peter Abraham's LoHud Yankees Blog. It originally posted on January 30th as a part of his annual "Pinch Hitter" series.
We as Yankee fans have a propensity to be a little … let's call it optimistic, at times. After all, we are the same fan base that was shouting from the rooftops that Melky Cabrera would develop into a .300 hitter at this time last year. With the franchise having spent an exorbitant amount of money this offseason, this is not a team devoid of holes. Alas, we as fans are resigned to talking about the impending "bounce-back seasons" that we are so entitled to. Names like Matsui, Cano and Posada come to mind. However, there is at least one instance that the thought of a "bounce back" actually has some validity. That would be in the curious case of Nick Swisher.

Coming off the worst statistical year of his career, Swisher ended 2008 on the bench for the Chicago White Sox. The so-called "free spirit" (is my use of quotations obnoxious yet?) was seemingly grounded from the outset by Ozzie Guillen, and Swisher's game suffered. Forced to bat leadoff and play center field, two positions that he is uncomfortable to say the least, Swish grinded (ground??) through an atrocious year finishing with a line as ugly as Otis Nixon – .219/.332/.410. As ugly as the numbers were, though, there was much more than meets the eye concerning Swisher's nightmarish 2008.

One thing that haunted Swisher throughout last season was bad luck. That's right, bad luck. For all of the stupid, quirky things that baseball players do to avoid such streaks, Swisher must have walked under a ladder every day. Maybe he wasn't hitting the ball as well? According to his line drive rate, nothing was wrong with Swisher's game. He actually posted a higher rate of line drives, .204, than he had ever before in his career. The anomaly of Swisher's 2008 lies in his BABIP – Batting Average on Balls Put in Play. His BABIP sat at .251, an alarmingly low percentage, considering how many balls he was hitting hard. Of all the players on the Yankees gearing up for that big rebound, Swisher has the best case.

The CHONE projections for 2009 have looked into their crystal ball and predicted a line of .247/.360/.454 for Swish. Numbers like that in the lower half of the Yankees order could make Swisher the linchpin to a dominant season offensively. What the Yankees have gained in Swisher is a patient, switch hitting, corner outfielder with proven 30 home run power. With expectations that are already higher than Joe Pepitone's pompadour, he could serve as a saving grace in the event of a Posada/Matsui/Cano letdown.

So in short, we at The Fowl Balls are fans of Swisher, Personally, I love it every time the Yankees acquire the "wild man" with long hair and Sonny Crockett stubble and force him to dress like he works at Wachovia branch. Plus, Swisher replaces Jason Giambi as the "Yankee most likely to have a sex tape with Paris Hilton."

Roberto Alomar has FBA

According to a report by the NY Daily News, former All-Star second baseman Roberto Alomar "has full-blown AIDS but insisted on having unprotected sex, his ex-girlfriend charged Tuesday in a bombshell lawsuit." This seems out of character for Alomar, who was always viewed as a model citizen thorughout the major leagues. No word on whether he spilled the cup of broth on his robe during the altercation.
I sure am glad that I am not famous, because then things like this would be made public:
In April 2005, Alomar told (the accuser) he was suffering from erectile dysfunction and confided "he was raped by two Mexican men after playing a ballgame in New Mexico or a Southwestern state when he was 17," the suit says.
From sure-fire Hall of Famer to adolescent victim of anal pleasures. Oh, how far you have fallen, Robbie.
(hat tip to MLBTR)


The Alex Rodriguez Interview

Well, he admitted it. The greatest player of our, or possibly any generation used performance enhancing drugs. Below I have posted just a few thoughts I had after getting to watch the interview, conducted by Peter Gammons, in its entirety. If you have not had the chance to watch the whole interview, ESPN has posted the full transcript.

  • In my opinion, Rodriguez did a commendable job. Not only did he cop to the use of a banned substance in 2003, he offered up the fact that he was also using in 2001 and 2002. Though he will be reviled throughout the baseball community, and rightfully so, A-Rod has admitted more than any other player that has been caught using PEDs. Barry Bonds will soon be in jail for perjuring himself on the subject. Roger Clemens has attempted to fight Brian McNamee's claims head-on, despite new findings of DNA evidence. Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire have fallen off the face of the earth. Rafael Palmeiro, after the most famous "point" in baseball since Babe Ruth in the 1932 World Series, blamed Miguel Tejada for giving him a tainted supplement. Even Andy Pettitte, our Lord and Savior, hid behind injury as a "reason" for using illegal substances. Alex Rodriguez stepped to the plate, and admitted that he succumbed to pressure. Not hard to believe after Yankee fans have watched him fold under pressure for years.
  • He was wearing a beautiful Rolex Daytona. Though this was not what many would deem an important part of the interview, I like watches.
  • Peter Gammons did a horrific job. Though history will revere Gammons as a Hall of Fame journalist (and world-class Red Sox whore), the ball was clearly dropped on this interview. Gammons let A-Rod off the hook repeatedly, completely abandoning the use of the follow-up question. Rodriguez answered every question put in front of him, but Gammons did not go off script at all. When A-Rod said that he did not remember where he got the drugs or even what he took, should he not have been taken to task for that ignorance?
  • A-Rod showed a side that the public had not seen before. He showed emotion, approaching tears at times, and made multiple statement tarnishing the image that he has been so conscious of for the last 15 years. He admitted to being weak and giving into the pressures of the large contract that he received prior to 2001. All of a sudden, even though he will be killed for this all over the press, the American publis may actually have more to identify with in the case of Alex Rodriguez.
  • His lips were perfect. Plump, full, and glossy.
  • Like everything that Alex Rodriguez has done since he was eighteen years old, this interview was premeditated. There were points when he seemed more human, but the fact is that this was all scripted. It seems that even when he says the right things, they don't seem genuine.
  • Rodriguez still refuses to admit any conversations with Jose Canseco on the subject of steroids. I am not going to pretend that I know anything about the interaction between the two men, but one would have to be an idiot to think that Canseco just made a bunch of stuff up about a bunch of players and it all just happened to be true.
  • Fact: if he hits .300/.400/.600 this year and the Yankees win a ring, nobody will give a flying sh*t.


The Breakup

If this was high school, I would be sitting in my bedroom crying listening to the mixtape that Alex made for me. I bet "Hold My Hand" by Hootie and the Blowfish would be the first song. After all that we had been through, this is what he has put me through. After countless arguments with my father over his lack of 'clutchness', his frosted hair, that horrible Guitar Hero commercial, and banging a fossil, this son of a b*tch goes and admits to doing steroids?!?!?!?! He could have at least lied about it and claimed innocence, but no. He would rather ruin every holiday at the Dugan household for all eternity.

That being said, this leaves me with a hole in my life. Leave some comments and suggestions for who will take over as the player that I gush over now that Roger Clemens and Alex Rodriguez have betrayed my trust.

One Door Closes...

As cited at our favorite website, it seems that the addition of Andruw Jones could leave the Texas Rangers with a bit of a personnel logjam in the outfield (while, at the same time, making Deputy Dog cry). What does this have to do with the Yankees, you ask? Well, stop asking questions before I have finished my thought you idiot. I bet you are one of those people that yells at the TV. Hold your horses for Christ's sake.

Anyway, in case you haven't noticed, the Yankees could be in need of a centerfielder. See where I am going here? Could the Rangers have the answer to the Yankees problems? Did Han shoot first?

Tim Dierkes talks about this at his site, and Joel Sherman (YAY!) also had a piece with the suggestion, but hell, I am going to say it anyways. How about Marlon Byrd? Once a super-prospect that was supposed to pair with Jimmy Rollins to create a dynamic 1-2 punch for the Phillies, Byrd has resurrected himself as a viable player in Arlington. He plays good defense, gets on base, and only costs a little over $3 million for the 2009 season. If the price is right as far as the trade demands of the Rangers, this could be a no-brainer.


Report: All of the Best Players in Baseball Did Steroids

Get ready for the "A-Roid" chants. According to a report at SI.com, Alex Rodriguez tested positive for a PED in 2003 while playing with the Texas Rangers. So cue the Katie Couric interview where he denied it, I am sure it will be on NESN 834568 times tonight. It is now fair to assume that every player who hit more than 25 home runs since 1988 has had the business end of a needle in their ass.

By the way, there is a new poll in the left-hand frame. "Vote or Die. No, really, I will kill you." - Sean Combs.

The Balls Continues its Assault on the Interhighway

Yours truly wrote a small piece for Steve Lombardi over at Was Watching. I encourage you to take a look at his site, as he does a great job over there of following Yankees news (but we are funnier - take THAT legitimate reporters!).


Paul Quantrill Has Sooooooome Balls

In the latest article by Richard Griffin concerning the Joe Torre book, there are some interesting quotes from ex-Yankee DFA Paul Quantrill (with an emphatic hat tip to Was Watching). Just read the quote, and I will comment afterward:

"Whatever his involvement is with this book, Joe Torre is the No.1 guy," [Paul] Quantrill argued. "People may understand that he didn't say that, but even being Joe Torre, being the greatest manager, blah-blah-blah, he's walking a thin line. When you start exposing anything from the clubhouse in general, whether it's about a d*ckhead like 'the fraud,' or anything, it doesn't really matter. It's that you opened up and said it."

First and foremost, good for you, Paul Quantrill, for taking Joe Torre to task for breaking the sacred code of the locker room. Good for you.

Now to the real story: did this motherf*cker just call Alex Rodriguez a d*ckhead? If he was here right now, dude would catch a roundhouse Walker: Texas Ranger boot from JD. I don't think it's Alex's fault that Joe Torre pitched your arm off. Ok, ok. I guess you have a right to be bitter. You were an all-star one minute, then the next minute you had thrown in 13451845832 consecutive games, rendering you ineffective, and therefore causing the Yankees to send you off on an ice drift. Now go back to milking cows, selling insurance, giving HJ's on the corner, or whatever the f*ck it is that you do. Phew. That feels better.

Contrary to Popular Belief...

...apparently Ramiro Mendoza is not dead.


Forever the JV Team

Oliver Perez signed a 3 year $36 million deal with the Mets. At that AAV, that means he will make more money in 2009 than Andy Pettite, Milton Bradley, Pat Burrell, Kerry Wood, Brian Fuentes, Edgar Renteria, Casey Blake, Raul Ibanez, Jon Garland, Brad Penny, John Smoltz, Trevor Hoffman, Guillermo Mota and Daniel Cabrera.

After embarassing themselves on Derek Lowe and never really throwing a hat in the ring on Ryan Dempster, this is the topper. Paying an inconsistent pitcher who led the league in walks (again) when the team is in desperate need of a solid two starter behind Johan Santana is deplorable. Look at the list of afforementioned players and think how many would have been useful to the Metropolatinos at a discounted price. They are still in need of a power hitting corner outfielder (Pat Burrell???), and starting pitching depth.

Plus, another report surfaced today that the Mets are not in on Bobby Abreu or Manny Ramirez , and there is still no sign of interest in Adam Dunn as far as I see. With Carlos Delgado coming off of the books after this year, a two year, $20 million investment in Dunn seems like a deal that even a shaved monkey could figure out. The offseason started off well with the signing of K-Rod and the larceny of J.J. Putz from the Mariners, but follow through is needed. They now have a solid back of the bullpen, a questionable offense and a starting rotation that is (maybe) four deep. Think about that every time Oli walks ten in four innings, Mets fans. Oh, and good luck overtaking the World Champion Phillies. But at least there is meringue night to look forward to.

Then to put the cherry on all of this, I am once again forced to source Joel Sherman. I hate this team.


Orioles Ownership to The Fowl Balls: F*ck You.

Just two weeks after stealing Felix Pie from under our noses, the Baltimore Orioles have taken Deputy Dog's advice, and traded for Rich Hill in exchange for absolutely nothing. The deal for the mental case will net the Cubs a PTBNL, most likely a "low-level minor leaguer". Another nice, high upside move by the Orioles as they continue their arms race with the Blue Jays to avoid last place.