Philly Yayo goes back to the 'pen

According to Peter Abraham, Joe Girardi has said that the Yankees are preparing Phil Coke as a reliever this season.

We were excited to hear that Coke was to be treated as a starting pitcher, seeing as though he is a left handed, power arm that can throw three pitches for strikes. However, the Yankees now have a full rotation, pushing Coke out of the running. This is a case of need vs. want working on the Yankees. Sure, you want every lefty to be a starter when they have the skill set, but Yayo is no kid (he will be 27 on Opening Day), and Cashman must use every asset at his disposal to win a World Series this year. ESPECIALLY this year.

With Abraham also reporting that Edwar "Chocolate Rain" Ramirez could be shelved with a sore shoulder, this could be the perfect opportunity for Philly Yayo to crack the Opening Day roster.

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Big Dong Kong said...

Ohhhhhh snap, crackle, pop. Drink Pepsi, not Coke.