Opinions are like assholes...

I have come to the conclusion that even though The Balls is the best site on the internet, you probably read other sites (not that I agree with that).

To show some love for my fellow blogger brethren, I sent out an email to some of the most prominent Yankee bloggers in the business and asked them the following question:

Who is most important to the Yankees success in 2009?

Here's what they had to say:

Deputy Dog - The Fowl Balls
The Most Important Yankee is far and away Joe Girardi. He has a massive
payroll.....the three best available free agents....a PED Crisis with a
fragile-egoed third baseman and two bosses with the last name Steinbrenner (as
if one wasn't bad enough). And he's the guy that has to hold it all together for
162 and the playoffs.....if he cracks....the ship will sink.

Fernando Alejandro - Respect Jeter's Gangster
Most Important Yankee: Derek Jeter When you think of consistency and playing
hard, you think of Derek Jeter. Even in an off year like 2008, he still
hit .300. I know opposing teams don't fear his 15 homerun power, but even
A-Rod is left to date 50 year old pop singers when Jeter's around. Respect
his gangster.

Steve Lombardi - Was Watching
Gene Monahan. If anyone could ever blow the lid off Yankeeland, he's the
guy. He's the only one who's been there since Day One of Big Stein.

Steve - The Yankees: Minors to Majors
The last few years, Chien-Ming Wang. He has been the rock of the
staff. They probably don't make the playoffs without his debut in '05, he
gives them 200 excellent innings the next two seasons, and when he gets injured,
the team falls apart.

Rob Abruzzese - Bronx Baseball Daily
Jorge Posada's shoulder will be the most important part of the Yankees in 2009.
If it's healthy he is a major cog in the lineup, but without him they have an
automatic out in the lineup, Jose Molina, and have to carry three catchers. That
would take away from the team's versatility by eating up a spot on the roster.

Charlie - The Chuck Knoblog
The most important Yankee is Joba Chamberlain. This young pitcher has some of
the best stuff I have ever seen. If he performs well, like he has in the past,
he can be a great talent and leader for the Yankees for years to come.

El Duque - It Is High, It Is Far, It Is caught
Phil Hughes. He is still the face of the next generation and the whole notion
that we can build from the farm. If he utterly fails, I fear we'll go back to
the old ways and start trading young players for whatever we need.

Alex H. - Coast to Coast Baseball
Derek Jeter-The importance of having a great leader in the clubhouse is often
overlooked, Derek, no matter how bad times are for the Yankees, has a positive
attitude. He makes sure he has a great relationship with all of the players so
no one feels left out; ever wonder why the Yankee clubhouse had such great
chemistry? It's because of the 'Captain'.

Donnie23 - Hank's Yankees

In baseball it's difficult to choose one team member as "most important".
That being said, C.C. Sabathia will carry heavy bags this season for the
Yankees. His performance early in the season may set the tone for the
team. There is something positive that spreads throughout the team
when your Ace is in the grove. When hitters are confident that their Ace
will hold the opponents run count down, they relax and perform better.
Burnett, Wang, Pettite and Chamberlain are important as well. So all
things considered, the starting pitching staff is the most important Yankee

J - 3:10 to Joba
For the year 2009, it's Mark Teixeira. He needs to justify the Yankees swooping
in and stealing him from the Red Sox by avoiding the typical slow start that has
plagued the Yankees in recent years. The team is also in desperate need of
quiet, businesslike star who can take some of the spotlight off of every Alex
Rodriguez AB and Tex can do this by having a great season and giving the papers
and talking heads something positive to talk about.

Ross - New Stadium Insider

The most important Yankee for 2009 is Jorge Posada. If he misses
100 games again, the Yankees will be in deep trouble, just like they were
last year. There is no greater of a drop-off than from Jorge to his backup on the
entire team.

Later on I will post an article with my opinion, hopefully these answers are enough to wet your beak. Or your lips. It would be weird if you had a beak. Anyways, thanks to all of my fellow Yankee enthusiasts for participating!


Big Kong Dong said...

You's fo-gatz to ask BIG DONG KONG?! WTF yo man. The one guy to worry about is Mr. ROBINSON CANO. If that mofo sucks it up again, our lineup looks like rotten swizz cheese. Ya smells me? Cano need to bash that mof'n ball and steal bases. Can't be makin no stupid azz errors at 2B either. Shit man. All deez bloggers are sippin on crazy sizzurp. Ask Big Dong Kong when you need to come correct. Robby ya boyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

Bronx Baseball Daily said...

I thought I was picking the obvious choice by going with Jorge. I like where everyone's head is at though.

Alex H said...
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Jimmy Dugan said...

It's true, I thought Posada would have gotten a lot more mention. Personally, I liked the Gene Monahan reference, but even my post will have a different twist. Check it out tomorrow!

Subway Squawkers said...

I agree on Posada. And yeah, i'd love to read a Gene Monahan book!