Forever the JV Team

Oliver Perez signed a 3 year $36 million deal with the Mets. At that AAV, that means he will make more money in 2009 than Andy Pettite, Milton Bradley, Pat Burrell, Kerry Wood, Brian Fuentes, Edgar Renteria, Casey Blake, Raul Ibanez, Jon Garland, Brad Penny, John Smoltz, Trevor Hoffman, Guillermo Mota and Daniel Cabrera.

After embarassing themselves on Derek Lowe and never really throwing a hat in the ring on Ryan Dempster, this is the topper. Paying an inconsistent pitcher who led the league in walks (again) when the team is in desperate need of a solid two starter behind Johan Santana is deplorable. Look at the list of afforementioned players and think how many would have been useful to the Metropolatinos at a discounted price. They are still in need of a power hitting corner outfielder (Pat Burrell???), and starting pitching depth.

Plus, another report surfaced today that the Mets are not in on Bobby Abreu or Manny Ramirez , and there is still no sign of interest in Adam Dunn as far as I see. With Carlos Delgado coming off of the books after this year, a two year, $20 million investment in Dunn seems like a deal that even a shaved monkey could figure out. The offseason started off well with the signing of K-Rod and the larceny of J.J. Putz from the Mariners, but follow through is needed. They now have a solid back of the bullpen, a questionable offense and a starting rotation that is (maybe) four deep. Think about that every time Oli walks ten in four innings, Mets fans. Oh, and good luck overtaking the World Champion Phillies. But at least there is meringue night to look forward to.

Then to put the cherry on all of this, I am once again forced to source Joel Sherman. I hate this team.

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