Morning Dump

The Morning Dump is a new feature on The Fowl Balls that will compile what I perceive as the five most entertaining Yankees links from the previous day. If you find anything that you think is dumpworthy, leave it in the comment section.

Our Love Affair Continues - NoMaas.org had another great interview, this time with TFB favorite Nick Swisher. Call me, SJK.

It feels so good not to see Phil Coke on this list - Cliff Corcoran over at Bronx Banter gives his prediction for the 25 man roster.

Larry is a mean bastard - At the Yankeeist, a cranky Larry Koestler poops all over Chan Ho's beard.

If you have a day to waste - Former Jimmy Dugan interviewee Mike Ashmore is doing a series called "2009 Thunder A to Z", painstakingly chronicling every player to don the legendary pinstripes of Trenton last season.

Not really a "Yankees story", but I make the rules here - I know most people that would read the blog may be familiar with Cot's Baseball Contracts, but I am going to plug them anyways. The site has info on like every baseball contract since Old Hoss Radbourn agreed to go barnstorming for some snuff tobacco and a live chicken in 1832.

Chan Hooooooooo

The Yankees signed Chan Ho Park to a 1 year, $1.2 million deal.

My take? Fine. They Yankees spent very little on a serviceable arm to add to the bullpen mix. But, this signing could make things more interesting than they look at face value, and of course those of us who cover the Yankees will go nuts over what was probably just a meaningless, depth-related signing. Does this mean that Sergio Mitre or Chad Gaudin could be used as trade bait? Maybe, but could they really fetch all that much on the open market when half-year pitchers like John Smoltz and Pedro Martinez are still lurking?

Although it seems every story about the Yankees includes these two names right now, could this be a move that effects Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes? Many of us scoffed at the notion that Joe Girardi would be holding an open competition for the fifth spot, assuming that it was a two man race. However, a move for an extra arm like Park could be viewed as solidifying the bullpen and freeing up Gaudin, Mitre, or even Alfredo Aceves' creamy goodness to become a starter. In this case, could Joba and Phil both end up in the bullpen? To me it still seems unlikely, as my money is on Hughes to win the spot regardless of who is in the competition, but it will give us something interesting to watch while players with jersey numbers in the 90's are playing all spring.


Morning Dump

The Morning Dump is a new feature on The Fowl Balls that will compile what I perceive as the five most entertaining Yankees links from the previous day. If you find anything that you think is dumpworthy, leave it in the comment section.

Maybe it's post post concussion syndrome - Larry Koestler at Yankeeist hollows out David Wrights rectum for declaring the Mets a contender

It could be the first step to being canonized - Steve Lombardi at WasWatching questions if/when the Yankees will promote Brian Cashman

For those of you who love Cliff's Notes - If you wanted to see Sugar, you can scratch that off your to-do and just read Jay's review at Fack Youk

I never EVER thought I would miss the fat man - The LoHud Yankees blog was it's usual, lifeless self; just as it has been since the Pete Abe jumped ship

I hope they wiped their mouth after - Nomaas.org interviewed their favoritist prospect in the whole wide world, Brett Marshall, whom they have been fawning over since the day he was drafted


Morning Dump

The Morning Dump is a new feature on The Fowl Balls that will compile what I perceive as the five most entertaining Yankees links from the previous day. If you find anything that you think is dumpworthy, leave it in the comment section.

It looks like you can start ordering your #93 Sanit jerseys now - Chad Jennings lists the jersey numbers for the 2010 Yankees

Best. Interview. Ever. - In what could be a door-opening interview for the Yankees blog community, Brian Cashman sat down for the most candid interview I have seen him give with Sensei John Kreese over at NoMaas.org.

I can't imagine what he's going to be like on Opening Day - MJR over at Yankeeist does his best fanboy impression on Pitchers and Catchers Day.

Nice gesture, but go fuck yourself - iYankees, one of my new favorite sites, has their take on the ball-licking quotes that Papelbon made about Mo.

Mike Gallego must be pissed off that he never got this kind of coverage - My buddies over at Bronx Baseball Daily are prewviewing the Yankees in 2010, player by player, starting from the bottom.


Thank GOD

It's about fucking time this season got started. Be sure to check back tonight for more pictures, and Spring Training links from around the Yankees blogosphere (hands down THE gayest word on the internet).



With Spring Training 3 days away, it got me thinking about the most significant number three in franchise history: Babe Ruth. As hardcore Yankee fans, as I assume the people that read this blog are, we know all of the stories and lore of Ruth, so I am not going to sit here and wax poetic about the most dominant force in baseball history. What I will do, however, is refer you back to my post from April of 2007 imploring Major League Baseball to remove its head from its collective ass and retire the number three for all Major and Minor League teams. Maybe a little common sense like that could help save the clusterfuck that has been Bud Selig's tenure as commissioner, but what the hell to I know?



According to sources, Johnny Damon is about to be offered about $4 million** to play for the White Sox this year. This is a far cry from the 2 year, $26 million deal that Scott Boras set as a bare minimum in negotiations with the Yankees. Good. What Boras and Damon did here is a classic overvalue of Damon's value to the Yankees. Sure, he hit 24 homers last year, and had his "Yankeeography" moment when he stole two bases on one play in the World Series. But the fact is he is an aging player that plays atrocious defense and cannot be depended on physically enough to lock up for two years.
To me, this is another example of the Yankees organization having the right people in charge. The Steinbrenners, in my opinion, would have thrown the money at Damon as a reward for time served. Luckily, people like Brian Cashman head up the baseball operations now, and moves like this let us know that is a good situation to be in.
**Before I start getting emails about it, please know that I am fully aware that John Heyman is reporting that the Tigers are offering 2 years at $14 million, but he is a fucking Boras-controlled marionette and I refuse to believe anything that he reports in concern to Boras clients until they come to fruition.


A-Rod can't keep away from the old bitches

According to OK! Magazine Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz were spotted kissing or canoodling or whateverthefuck. Some guys walk into a party and look for the hottest girl to hook up with, but A-Rod's dick is different. It follows fame like a fucking GPS. Look, aside from Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez is the best right-handed hitter that we have seen, but this bullshit sideshow just has to stop. He won back a ton of people this year, and became about as popular as a confirmed wife-cheating douchebag can be, but he just seems hell bent on fucking it up again. The whole Kate Hudson thing was fine I guess, but the fact is that he should be out pounding 22 year old models, not chasing around has-been pushing 40. If there is one thing you can learn from Derek Jeter, it's how to bang chicks. Catch them before they are mega famous (Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba), not when they are hitting the downslope (Madonna, Kate Hudson). That being said, if he hits 50 bombs I could care less if he is fucking corpses between innings.


Breaking: Yankees sign Marcus Thames

Apparently they Yankees weren't as 'done' as they would lead us to believe. The team signed ex-Yankees Marcus Thames to a one-year deal worth $900k if he makes the big league club.

Thames has always been viewed as a guy who rapes left-handed pitching, and has played both corner outfield spots (albeit terribly)as well as first base. After the deal that the team gave Randy Winn I don't see whole lot of room for Thames, unless they view him as a potential bench bat against lefties. Or I could possibly be hoping that Thames gets cut so I don't have to hear John Sterling's fat mouth cite his first career home run off of none other than Randy Johnson every fucking at-bat.

Frequent readers of this site might be scratching their heads as to why I would cover a small, bullshit story such as this, and for good reason. But the fact is I am bored out of my skull right now, and I think its making me delirious.

Is this cool?

I was perusing the Steiner Sports website, and came across this new item. It is a Nick Swisher autographed ball with the inscription "0.00 ERA", paying homage to his one dominant inning in Tampa Bay last year. I get that.

What I can't figure out is whether this is an awesome item to have, or the gayest thing I have ever seen. There is absolutely no gray area on this one. This is either a must-have for my collection, or something that I will be made fun of for the rest of my life for owning. We all love Nick Swisher right now, and I have since the Yankees made the move for him. He's fun to watch, plays his balls off, and is coming off of a great season. Hell, I'd love to get shitfaced with him over any other player on the team right now. But if his 2010 starts off in the shitter, does this item become a paper weight? Help me out here.

Jump in an drop a comment - is this the greatest thing Steiner has ever done, or will this be as memorable as Alvaro Espinoza on the mound??


12 Days To Pitchers and Catchers

I swore I would never think of Andy Phillips again, but there he is. Anyways, sorry for the lapse in posts, but Jesus Christ what the fuck am I supposed to write about? The Yankees are still World Champions, we commented on all of the relevant moves that they made, and I am not spending my evenings working up statistical projections that don't mean dick anyway. I do, however, have some stuff on the way that the readers might enjoy, so be sure to keep checking the site for updates (I promise, there will be new stuff - I am not just trying to maintain my hit count while I sit on my ass and do nothing).

On another note, check out HotStove.com, where they came back to your boy looking for opinions. I am becoming the fucking baseball Oracle over here.


You'll be missed

Well, it looks like Johnny Damon will be breaking 100 bats a year somewhere else. See my rousing tribute piece over at Barstool Sports.