Is this cool?

I was perusing the Steiner Sports website, and came across this new item. It is a Nick Swisher autographed ball with the inscription "0.00 ERA", paying homage to his one dominant inning in Tampa Bay last year. I get that.

What I can't figure out is whether this is an awesome item to have, or the gayest thing I have ever seen. There is absolutely no gray area on this one. This is either a must-have for my collection, or something that I will be made fun of for the rest of my life for owning. We all love Nick Swisher right now, and I have since the Yankees made the move for him. He's fun to watch, plays his balls off, and is coming off of a great season. Hell, I'd love to get shitfaced with him over any other player on the team right now. But if his 2010 starts off in the shitter, does this item become a paper weight? Help me out here.

Jump in an drop a comment - is this the greatest thing Steiner has ever done, or will this be as memorable as Alvaro Espinoza on the mound??


Black Cat said...

swisher's a douche

KC said...

Swisher did a good job contributing to the team on a losing day. Leave the ball with the Steiners and spend the $115 on an bottle of whatever you are drinking these days. Pray you never have to witness a day this season with Swisher coming in as relief, but if you do, you can get enjoy a good toast with your friends, telling them how you almost bought the 0.00 ERA baseball.