According to sources, Johnny Damon is about to be offered about $4 million** to play for the White Sox this year. This is a far cry from the 2 year, $26 million deal that Scott Boras set as a bare minimum in negotiations with the Yankees. Good. What Boras and Damon did here is a classic overvalue of Damon's value to the Yankees. Sure, he hit 24 homers last year, and had his "Yankeeography" moment when he stole two bases on one play in the World Series. But the fact is he is an aging player that plays atrocious defense and cannot be depended on physically enough to lock up for two years.
To me, this is another example of the Yankees organization having the right people in charge. The Steinbrenners, in my opinion, would have thrown the money at Damon as a reward for time served. Luckily, people like Brian Cashman head up the baseball operations now, and moves like this let us know that is a good situation to be in.
**Before I start getting emails about it, please know that I am fully aware that John Heyman is reporting that the Tigers are offering 2 years at $14 million, but he is a fucking Boras-controlled marionette and I refuse to believe anything that he reports in concern to Boras clients until they come to fruition.

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