Morning Dump

The Morning Dump is a new feature on The Fowl Balls that will compile what I perceive as the five most entertaining Yankees links from the previous day. If you find anything that you think is dumpworthy, leave it in the comment section.

Maybe it's post post concussion syndrome - Larry Koestler at Yankeeist hollows out David Wrights rectum for declaring the Mets a contender

It could be the first step to being canonized - Steve Lombardi at WasWatching questions if/when the Yankees will promote Brian Cashman

For those of you who love Cliff's Notes - If you wanted to see Sugar, you can scratch that off your to-do and just read Jay's review at Fack Youk

I never EVER thought I would miss the fat man - The LoHud Yankees blog was it's usual, lifeless self; just as it has been since the Pete Abe jumped ship

I hope they wiped their mouth after - Nomaas.org interviewed their favoritist prospect in the whole wide world, Brett Marshall, whom they have been fawning over since the day he was drafted

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