8 (or so) Questions: Peter Abraham of The Journal News

Peter has been covering the Yankees for the Journal News and LoHud.com since October of 2005. Prior to that, he spent four years covering the Mets. We here at Fowl Balls have always enjoyed the insight that he provides as he gives the general public access to the Yankee clubhouse. He took the time to field some questions from us via email.

Jimmy Dugan - As someone who spends a lot of time around the clubhouse, what is your impression of the Girardi regime as opposed to the team as run by Joe Torre?
Peter Abraham - I think Girardi puts a bright picture on everything and has too much faith in some players (like allowing Pettitte to stay in the game the other day). Torre was more cold-blooded.

JD - After a (somewhat) encouraging start today, It looks like Joba could develop into a short term asset in the rotation, as Fowl Balls thought all along. Who is the answer in the 8th inning hole?
PA - Mark Melancon.

JD - What is your first impression on Yankees 1st rounder Gerrit Cole
PA - Only what I read, I've never seen him pitch. He seems like a cocky kid with a big arm. Josh Beckett was like that, Joba is, too.

JD - Has Derek Jeter ever given you a quote with any substance behind it?
PA - Sure, plenty of times. You only see the TV questions, which often lack substance because that's what the medium demands. Plus the players are different on camera. If you ask a good question, you get a good answer.

JD - Now that Jason Giambi has snapped out of it, there is a lot of focus on the struggles of Robinson Cano. What is the buzz as to the cause of his slumping?
PA - He is a slow starter, always has been. He doesn't have a great work ethic and not having Larry Bowa around hasn't helped that.

JD - Can this team win it all?
PA - I don't think so. The pitching's not good enough. Torre was able to push them through their slump last season and once the ball got rolling, it never stopped. I don't know if Girardi can do that. That seem content to be .500.

JD - Vegas odds: A. Yankees Signing CC Sabathia
B. Yankees Signing Mark Teixiera
C. Yankees Signing BOTH Sabathia and Teixiera

PA - A. 20-1
B. 1-2
C. 100-1

Thank you to Peter for taking the time to give a peek into the Yankee clubhouse. Visit his blog at http://www.yankees.lhblogs.com/.

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