Just Say No (For Now)

CC Sabathia: Campaigning since 2007
There is no doubt that CC Sabathia is one of the elite pitchers in Major League Baseball. He is on pace to win 300+ games and has proved to be a durable, dominating left handed starter. He fits the profile of everything that the Yankees are in need of, especially after the injury to Wang, who eats innings like Kobayashi chokes down hot dogs.

In my humble opinion, Sabathia's oversized ass is going to look great in pintripes: next year. With the price that teams expect the Yankees to pay for players in trade, the Indians can keep the big Lefty. Think back to the king's ransom that the Twins were asking of the Yanks to acquire Johan Santana - names like Hughes, Kennedy, Austin Jackson, Jose Tabata, Mark Melancon, Melky Cabrera, etc. were thrown around to comprise mind-blowing packages for a pitcher that the Yankees were still going to have to sign to a NINE FIGURE contract.

Unfortunately, I dont think that Sabathia will end up being a Bobby Abreu situation, where the Yankees will wait the Indians out until their price becomes more reasonable. CC Sabathia is just too valuable of a commodity. And being from the school of John Hart, Mark Shapiro will be looking to duplicate the Bartolo Colon trade that yielded all stars like Grady Sizemore, Brandon Phillips, and 2008 revelation Cliff Lee.

So, in short, the Indians can kiss my ass. They can't sign him at year's end, and the Yankees will be right there, check book in hand. See you next year, Mr. Sabathia.

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