8 (or so) Questions: Ed Price of the Newark Star Ledger

Ed Price is the Yankees beat writer for the Newark Star Ledger. Always insightful, Ed took the time to speak with Fowl Balls about the upcoming trade deadline, amongst other things.

Jimmy Dugan - You have been right on top of the Jarrod Washburn story since it broke. What is the latest? Also, is Washburn really the answer?
Ed Price - I have nothing new today on Washburn, but it's pretty warm if not hot. He's not "the answer" but he's an upgrade from Ponson or Rasner (if one doesn't consider the salary).

JD - You just broke a story linking the Yankees to Randy Winn. What does this mean? Is he considered a potential corner outfield answer, or does this open the door to move Melky to Seattle for Washburn?
EP - I could definitely see Winn coming in and playing CF if they move Melky for Washburn. Or playing LF if Posada has surgery and Damon is the DH.

JD - Now that ESPN has blown it completely out of proportion, how serious was the Yankees' consideration of Barry Bonds?
EP - Never serious. Hank told an Associated Press writer he'd bring it up. He did. It was shot down quickly.

JD - Play Brian Cashman for a minute (like we all wish we could): Is it smarter not to make a move based on the lack of difference making players available, rather than 'rearranging lawn furniture"??
EP - It's always smart not to overpay. If there's someone who can push you over the top - Sabathia - then you go for it. A championship now is worth giving up someone who has only potential.

JD - If no move is made, do you think that the Yankees have the answers internally to make a run at the division? World Series?
EP - I think they could use another starting pitcher. If the top 6 hitters hit to form and the bullpen stays the way it is, they have a chance.

JD - How will Jorge Posada's potential move to first base affect the Yankees pursuit of Mark Teixiera?
EP - My guess is the Yankees were never hot on Teixeira to begin with -- as a trade now or free agent in the winter.

JD - How much confidence does the organization have in Wang to be a reliable number 1 upon returning after the playoff collapse of 07 and erraticness of mid '08. How much will that determine moves beyond bullpen, rotation backend, and righthanded bat? Are they banking on Joba's development to fill that "ace" role?
EP - Well, I don't know that right now you have to choose between Wang and Joba as the first-game playoff starter. But they aren't worried about Wang's 07 playoffs because they seem to feel they know what caused it -- as long as he fixes it. He isn't a classic #1 -- but Joba could be once he gets his pitch counts down

JD - Is Derek Jeter's haircut now out-dated enough that it could be considered 'retro'?
EP - I think he wishes his slugging percentage was retro.

Thanks to Ed for taking the time to speak with us. Please check out the Newark Star Ledger Blog at http://www.nj.com/yankees/.

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