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Girardi Finally Gives Melky a Rest

In a potential Wally Pipp situation, the Yankees will be starting Brett Gardner in center field tonight against the Texas Rangers.

After a strech of God-awfulness that extended far beyond his recent 0 for 18 slump, the Yankees seem to be looking at other options in center. Unlike some other Yankees enthusiasts, I do not see Gardner as a long term answer to patrol the storied patch of grass located between the 399 signs in Yankee Stadium, but clearly something has to be done. If for no other reason, then just for the fact that I caan't afford to be breaking shit in my house for another 80 games every time the Melk Man doesn't deliver.

As our friend Peter Abraham mentioned over on his blog, http://www.yankees.lhblogs.com/, it is very curious that Melky has been afforded the same respect as superstars like Jeter and ARod in that his name has been penciled into the lineup every day, regardless of results. The bottom line is that he is a mediocre hitter and a serviceable fielder with a plus arm. As the offense has been struggling, it is just not feasible to have an automatic out in any spot in the order.

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