Red Sox Reach Tentative Agreement to Miss the Playoffs

As seen on http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/, via The Palm Beach Post

Marlins get: Manny Ramirez, cash, prospect from Red Sox
Red Sox get: Jason Bay, John Grabow
Pirates get: Ryan Tucker, Jeremy Hermida, one prospect from Red Sox, perhaps another prospect from Marlins

Long story short; Manny, 2 prospects and cash for a downgrade in Left Field and a servicable left handed reliever. Thanks Theo.

UPDATE - As per Peter Abraham, this is how the trade works out:
Red Sox get: OF Jason Bay.
Pirates get: RHP Bryan Morris and INF Andy LaRoche from the Dodgers, RHP Craig Hansen and OF Brandon Moss from the Red Sox. Maybe another Dodgers prospect, too.
Dodgers get: Manny Ramirez and $7 million from Boston.
The team options were taken off Manny’s deal. He also will agree to decline arbitration so they can get draft picks when he becomes a FA.

So, final tally for the Red Sox looks like this; Manny, Craig Hansen, Brandon Moss and $7 million for Jason Bay and...nothing. Enjoy your elongated offseason boys.

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