Point, Cynthia

Report: Wife dumps A-Rod for rocker
He's out at home! Yankee superstar Alex Rodriguez's marriage is kaput, sources told The Post. A-Rod's wife, Cynthia, has been shacked up with rocker Lenny Kravitz in Paris. The couple's two daughters - 3-year-old Natasha and 2-month-old Ella - remained in Miami, sources said. The stunning news emerged a day after revelations that Alex Rodriguez has been paying late-night visits to Madonna's Upper West Side apartment. The game of musical celebrity beds has effectively ended the randy Rodriguez's already-shaky marriage, even though divorce papers have not been filed, sources said. Cynthia Rodriguez, 34, has been in Paris for at least the past four days visiting Grammy-winner Kravitz. C-Rod was seen outside the 44-year-old Kravitz's pad in the romantic City of Light as recently as Tuesday night. The magazine also reported that A-Rod may have gone to Madonna's New York pad as early as one night after leaving his wife's side in Miami following the April 21 birth of their daughter Ella. (New York Post)

To be honest, I could care less what the guy does personally as long as he is hitting. But as a man who makes $30 million a year, howe do you let your wife go out and trump your affair? If i were ARod, I would be tearing my way through the Maxim Hot 100 list right about now...

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