Got World Cup Fever?

Well, take two of these... Sigh. Is anybody actually still watching this?
Stay classy, Paraguay Fans... although, I guess you have to put your phone somewhere that leaves your hands free for cheering. And what's with her boy? Why is he sporting the Lincoln beard? Stay out of the theater, champ. (NOTE: 'her boy' seems to be getting cropped out of the frame, so click the image to see him in all his Para-Lincoln-esque glory)
I like the Yankees remaining schedule for the first half: 3 against Seattle and 3 against Toronto at home, then they drag their asses back to the west coast for 3 against Oakland and 4 against Seattle - I'd guess that means they're probably going to see Cliff Lee and King Felix, but still - Seattle is 31-44, so I don't worry too much about that. I think Toronto will be pesky all year, but they're essentialy a .500 team.


The hits just keep on coming

I know that I don't usually post videos, but between this and the Wally Backman meltdown, it's been pure gold this week. The best part about this video is A-Rod looks so young, and Jeter and his flat top look like this could have been taped yesterday.


Yankees complete sweep of Phillies in game 1

In the game that they were supposed to lose, the Yankees gave Roy Halladay a good rogering Tuesday night. The man who has been borderline untouchable in the NL Least was welcomed back to the AL by three home runs wth Curtis Granderson, Nick Swisher, and Mark Teixeira* taking him over the wall.The Phillies may as well forfeit the next two games, because Halladay was the only shot that they had, let's be honest.

*That was not a typo - Mark Teixeira hit a home run off of a quality pitcher.


I know, I know

I am late on this one, but since it is the greatest thing in the history of the world, I am posting it anyway.

For once, my optimism is tempered

Not only have the Yankees pulled into a tie for first place with the Ex-Rays, but ESPN has them toppling them in the Power Rankings, and Lord knows how important that is. But don't all run to your online betting sites and bet your mortgage on the Yankees just yet.

Before we all start tickling each other's taints, let's be realistic about one thing: the most irreplaceable Yankees (non-Rivera category) has not played since Thursday. When Alex Rodriguez left Thursday's game, I almost threw up. Say what you will about his perceived lack of power this year, but there is not a single everyday player on the Yankees that is more valuable than Alex Rodriguez.

After clawing back to pull even with Tampa, the Yankees are in need of the going-into-the-All-Star-break push that allows them to ride their typically-strong second half to October (hyphen much?). With Ramiro "Powerhouse" Pena at the bottom of the lineup, that just doesn't seem realistic.

Not all doom and gloom, though. Alex Rodriguez could return to the lineup, and the Yankees could take a struggling Phillies team behind the woodshed in a three game set. But keep an eye on A-Rod, because the Yankees' fate in 2010 may be more attached to his groin than Cameron Diaz ( I am so topical! Fuck Perez Hilton!).


National Holiday (seewhatIdidthere?)

If you have been reading TFB for any amount of time, you realize one thing: I really could not give a shit about the other teams in the Major Leagues. Sure, I'll make fun of the Mets, and my hate for the Red Sox is evident, but you aren't going to see a ton of material pertaining to anyone outside of the Bronx. I will say this, though - I am excited to watch Stephen Strasburg debut tonight. For once, the Nationals look to be doing something right. They seem to have avoided making him a Super Two, and they are trotting him out in front of a home crowd against a AAA team to kick it all off. I usually rip people for hyping things too quickly, but I am way gay for the whole Strasburg thing. On top of the whole thing, I get to see Jim Kaat announce on MLBN tonight. It looks like I may have to go buy a Nationals hat while they are still on sale.

Final Line for Strasburg:
6 IP, 7K, 2 ER, 2 BB


Jimmy D: Always helping out the little guys

I got an email this morning from the SWB Yankees, because they know who has their finger on the pulse of the Yankees farm system. Do them a favor and click the link to vote for Yankees prospects (and a couple of AAAA players, considering these All Star Games are what they will be telling their grandkids about).

Online voting has begun for the 2010 Triple-A All-Star Game to be played July 14 at Lehigh Valley, PA. Fans can vote for their favorite Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees at www.swbyankees.com or http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/events/asg/y2010/ballot/ballot_pop.html

Fan voting accounts for one-third of the total vote along with ballots cast by members of the media and each club’s field manager, coaches, and general manager.

Fans can vote up to 25 times until voting ends on June 25. So vote early and often for deserving candidate including Jonathan Albaladejo (17 saves), Eduardo Nunez, Zach McAllister, Royce Ring and David Winfree.


Yankees Seats Between the Bases

Did you get this email today from the Yankees? Follow the link and you end up here. Tell me this is not hilarious:

2010 Seats Between Bases start at $235 per seat per game.

That's classic stuff, right there! And that is a significant reduction from last year, is it not? Wish I could get a list of stuff you could get for $235 bucks. I was perfectly happy to watch the Yankees blow their lead on Saturday from my once a year $100 seats, thank you very much! My girlfriend and I were talking about going to another game, but sitting in cheaper seats rather than upping the price.

On my most recent visit to Yankee Stadium:

We bought 2 blue moons at the game - the cost was over $20. For two beers. I felt bad that I didn't have any tip money... but when you pay over $20 for two beers, do you really need to tip? I'd love to hear some thoughts on this topic. It didn't appear that people were tipping.

On the other hand, we ate at the Noodle Bowl over by the food court, and the price was totally reasonable; maybe $7 something each for our noodles with fried tofu, and the portion was ample to say the least, and it was tasty.

Oh, and the $100 seats had padding - we took a quick look around the stadium and noted that all the box seats on the first floor seemed to have padding, but the second and third tiers were not so blessed.

Thanks, Miggy

Miguel Tejada reacts after he realizes that he hadn't injected enough "B-12" to get the ball across the diamond on Tuesday night. The error would hand the Yankees a win, as Javy Vazquez threw another good game against yet another shitty team.


SI's Joe Lemire makes my list

When I corresponded with Jimmy D about posting here at The Fowl Balls, I never intended to have my posts revolve around the national sports media and how bad they suck. So far, it's just working out that way.
Joe Lemire's SI.com article, Who will throw the next perfect game? I must take issue with. As a rule, I recommend baseball fans not waste their time prognosticating who has the potential to throw a perfect game during their career because the idea is totally idiotic. This was Lemire's Memorial Day offering, so I'd love to know what ragging bash he went to the previous weekend that inspired such nonsense, what kind of alcohol was served, and finally, where I can acquire said alcohol that will make me so delusional that I'll come up with a list of potential perfect game candidates.
Here is a list of criteria he came up with, which I can't argue with, but again, that's not the point.

first-pitch strikes, swing-and-miss stuff, multi-pitch repertoire and good team defense

OK, fine. That sounds good. But honestly, did anyone ever think Mark Buehrle was going to throw a perfect game? If someone made this list before Buehrle had done it, I guarantee you he would not be there. Here is the list of all MLB perfect games. Did any member of the press ever have the cohonas to predict someone would throw a perfect game before they did it? Now I realize Lemire isn't offering any predictions, but this is still a bold declaration.
And now, here is what drove me over the edge, the very inspiration for this post:

Stephen Strasburg, Nationals: No, he hasn't thrown in any major-league games yet, much less come close to completing a perfect one, but what limits would you place on him? This is an exercise in potential and few, if any, have the upside of Strasburg, whose minor-league record is sparkling (6-2, 1.43 ERA, 0.80 WHIP, 10.7 K/9) and who'd need only one dazzling start to make it happen.

He went there. I know Strasburg looks like he's going to set the National League on fire, but let's let the kid pitch first, huh? Maybe we could find a way to put more pressure and attention on the kid... let's just paint a bulls-eye on his back and get it over with.
I love that closing line: "need only one dazzling start to make it happen." That's all ANYONE would need to throw a perfect game, damn it! Oh, and just for giggles, Tim Lincecum hasn't completed 6 IP in his last 3 starts - he's #3 on the list. I'm sure Lincecum will recover, as he has good stuff, but the point I'm trying to say is anyone can struggle - and anyone can be great.
Or perfect.