Got World Cup Fever?

Well, take two of these... Sigh. Is anybody actually still watching this?
Stay classy, Paraguay Fans... although, I guess you have to put your phone somewhere that leaves your hands free for cheering. And what's with her boy? Why is he sporting the Lincoln beard? Stay out of the theater, champ. (NOTE: 'her boy' seems to be getting cropped out of the frame, so click the image to see him in all his Para-Lincoln-esque glory)
I like the Yankees remaining schedule for the first half: 3 against Seattle and 3 against Toronto at home, then they drag their asses back to the west coast for 3 against Oakland and 4 against Seattle - I'd guess that means they're probably going to see Cliff Lee and King Felix, but still - Seattle is 31-44, so I don't worry too much about that. I think Toronto will be pesky all year, but they're essentialy a .500 team.

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