Yankees Seats Between the Bases

Did you get this email today from the Yankees? Follow the link and you end up here. Tell me this is not hilarious:

2010 Seats Between Bases start at $235 per seat per game.

That's classic stuff, right there! And that is a significant reduction from last year, is it not? Wish I could get a list of stuff you could get for $235 bucks. I was perfectly happy to watch the Yankees blow their lead on Saturday from my once a year $100 seats, thank you very much! My girlfriend and I were talking about going to another game, but sitting in cheaper seats rather than upping the price.

On my most recent visit to Yankee Stadium:

We bought 2 blue moons at the game - the cost was over $20. For two beers. I felt bad that I didn't have any tip money... but when you pay over $20 for two beers, do you really need to tip? I'd love to hear some thoughts on this topic. It didn't appear that people were tipping.

On the other hand, we ate at the Noodle Bowl over by the food court, and the price was totally reasonable; maybe $7 something each for our noodles with fried tofu, and the portion was ample to say the least, and it was tasty.

Oh, and the $100 seats had padding - we took a quick look around the stadium and noted that all the box seats on the first floor seemed to have padding, but the second and third tiers were not so blessed.

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