Futures Game Wrap Up

Fowl Balls was in attendance for the Futures Game (as well as the Celebrity Softball abortion)and aside from the fact that some Asian guy from the Red Sox system won the MVP, there was a lot to take away concerning the future of the MLB.

Who Impressed Us:
Andrew McCutchen, Pirates CF - Although very little of it will show up in the box score, this guy showed all of the tools to be a star. He moved over to left in deferrence to Rockies prospect Dexter Fowler, but McCutchen takes a back seat to very few prospects. Much like a Ferrari, he has that 'you-know-he's-fast-even-though-he's-standing-still' look about him. To go with his blazing speed,, he also drove a ball into the upper deck in LEFT FIELD, sailing about 10 feet fowl. He isn't as big as other prospects that he has been grouped in with, like Cameron Maybin, but this kid has Keny Lofton-like potential.

Jesus Montero, Yankees C (for now) - Ok, it's a bit of a homer thing to say, but this kid just LOOKS like raw power. Large and imposing, and contrary to prior reports, he doesn't look completely retarded behind the plate (only slightly). Here's to hoping he can stay there.

The Oakland A's System - No matter who they trade away, they are just keep churning out pitching. Trevor Cahill, and Brett Anderson pitched well, but the star of the day was Henry Rodriguez. The slightly-more-than-half-full stadium ooooh'd and aaaah'd as he hit 101 on the gun (on the display in CF, meaning he was probably sitting at about 87 or so).

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