Breaking: Yankees sign Marcus Thames

Apparently they Yankees weren't as 'done' as they would lead us to believe. The team signed ex-Yankees Marcus Thames to a one-year deal worth $900k if he makes the big league club.

Thames has always been viewed as a guy who rapes left-handed pitching, and has played both corner outfield spots (albeit terribly)as well as first base. After the deal that the team gave Randy Winn I don't see whole lot of room for Thames, unless they view him as a potential bench bat against lefties. Or I could possibly be hoping that Thames gets cut so I don't have to hear John Sterling's fat mouth cite his first career home run off of none other than Randy Johnson every fucking at-bat.

Frequent readers of this site might be scratching their heads as to why I would cover a small, bullshit story such as this, and for good reason. But the fact is I am bored out of my skull right now, and I think its making me delirious.


Craig K said...

I like this signing, way moreso than Randy Winn. Thames can mash and if he is going to fill a bench role to come in against lefties...why the fuck not?? It's also super cheap.

Black Cat said...

He was a Yankee killer back with the Tigers...