Maybe you should sell more pink hats

In a move that can't be considered anything more that sour grapes, Red Sox owner John Henry is once again calling for a salary cap. Oddly enough, the last time he made such public statements was when the Yankees acquired Alex Rodriguez five years ago.

After allowing the Yankees to acquire Mark Teixeira over a paltry $12 million over eight years, Henry is once again crying poverty. I find it hard to believe that other teams take this seriously. If I was the owner of the Pirates, I would bitch slap this walking corpse at the next owners meeting.

The Yankees are evil and terrible and rich and powerful, yet the Red Sox bought players like Pedro Martinez, Curt Schilling, Johnny Damon, Manny Ramirez, and Keith Foulke to form the cornerstone to a championship team. I am sick and tired of Red Sox players, fans, and now ownership screaming from the hill tops that they are at a disadvantage. While other teams are treading water (or even worse), the Red Sox continue to be a money making machine that does not impart that wealth back to its players, and, therefore, to its fans.


Lenny Neslin said...
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Lenny Neslin said...

Amen! The Red Sox seem to get every free agent, and not only that, they get really good deals. The worst thing for me was when Henry came out with those comments after the Yankees signed Teixeira. You won't spend an extra 1-2 million a year to sign a prized free agent? He missed out on A-Rod by a few million, and now Tex. I would hate to have him as my team owner.