Paul Quantrill Has Sooooooome Balls

In the latest article by Richard Griffin concerning the Joe Torre book, there are some interesting quotes from ex-Yankee DFA Paul Quantrill (with an emphatic hat tip to Was Watching). Just read the quote, and I will comment afterward:

"Whatever his involvement is with this book, Joe Torre is the No.1 guy," [Paul] Quantrill argued. "People may understand that he didn't say that, but even being Joe Torre, being the greatest manager, blah-blah-blah, he's walking a thin line. When you start exposing anything from the clubhouse in general, whether it's about a d*ckhead like 'the fraud,' or anything, it doesn't really matter. It's that you opened up and said it."

First and foremost, good for you, Paul Quantrill, for taking Joe Torre to task for breaking the sacred code of the locker room. Good for you.

Now to the real story: did this motherf*cker just call Alex Rodriguez a d*ckhead? If he was here right now, dude would catch a roundhouse Walker: Texas Ranger boot from JD. I don't think it's Alex's fault that Joe Torre pitched your arm off. Ok, ok. I guess you have a right to be bitter. You were an all-star one minute, then the next minute you had thrown in 13451845832 consecutive games, rendering you ineffective, and therefore causing the Yankees to send you off on an ice drift. Now go back to milking cows, selling insurance, giving HJ's on the corner, or whatever the f*ck it is that you do. Phew. That feels better.


Rob Abruzzese said...

learned something about Q today thanks to Tyler Kepner. Man never iced his shoulder during his entire career. That and the fact that he was 38 when he was on the Yankees makes me think that it wasn't all Torre's fault.

Jimmy said...

Aaaahhh - but he was only in his 35and 36 yeasr with the Yankees, though it isnt a far cry from 38. plus it was Joe that threw Q 86 times after 255 appearances over the previous 3 years. Tough workload.

Also, belive it or not, there are organizations that have implemented "no ice" policies on their pitchers in the past (I only know for sure the White Sox did it). They actually made their pitchers jump rope after throwing.