And your 2009 #1 pick is...

Texas HS Outfielder Slade Heathcott*
To the surprise of some, the Yankees steered clear of power arm Tanner Scheppers and went with a high-ceiling, toolsy player in the first round. I know about as much about Heathcott as I do astrophysics, aside from what I have read and scouting videos. Personally, I like the idea of the pick, adding athletic position players that the organization lacks. It seems as though most Yankees draftniks approve of the pick, including Mike Axisa of RAB and Lane Meyer of NoMaas. John Manuel of Baseball America stated in a chat that he was not as hot on the pick, questioning Heathcott's makeup. The question of makeup is one that has been attached to Heathcott as his father is reportedly in jail on drug related charges, and his mother is thought to be involved in drugs as well. Fantastic. That being said, one thing that cannot be denied is his ability, as this scouting report from BA shows:

Heathcott is an enigma for scouts. He's a legitimate second-round talent as both an outfielder and a lefthanded pitcher, but he has DHed for most of the spring. He was out until mid-March recovering from November surgery to repair a torn ACL in his left knee, then jammed his throwing shoulder diving for a fly ball in his second game back. When healthy, he's an athletic outfielder with five-tool potential. He swings a quick bat from the left side and has strength and power in his 6-foot-1, 190-pound frame. He earns plus grades for his hitting and his speed, and he has good range and above-average arm strength in the outfield. Heathcott was selected for the Aflac All-American Game last summer as a pitcher, and some clubs like him more as a lefty with an 88-92 mph fastball that touches 94 and a promising curveball. There's effort in his delivery because he approaches pitching like he does everything else: full speed ahead. Heathcott hasn't pitched this spring because of the shoulder injury, however. His makeup also is a concern for several clubs, so it's uncertain where he'll fit in the draft. He's committed to Louisiana State.

All in all, I will like this pick IF AND ONLY IF it allows the Yankees to pay up for more signability cases in the later rounds. By taking a player like Heathcott instead of a high-pricetag guy like Tanner Scheppers, Damon Oppenheimer will (presumably) have more flexibility to throw money at high ceiling players in the later rounds (see: Jackson, Austin; Betances, Dellin).

*Yes, that picture really is him. How could he have makeup issues if he loves his dog so much?

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