Still the JV team

Even though the Yankees should have dropped the series to the Metropolatinos this weekend, it was proven on both Friday and Sunday tht God hates the Mets.

Friday night, the Yankees were down by a run with two outs in the ninth when always clutch Alex Rodriguez hit a weak pop-up to three time Gold Glove second baseman Luis Castillo. With men on second and third, the sure-handed Castillo booted the short fly that a nine year old could have caught, handing the Yankees a win in the first game of the series.

After the Yankees were embarassed by Fernando Nieve (whoever the hell that is) on Saturday in a loss, the Mets looked to be in great position for a series win on Sunday as Johan Santana was set to face always erratic AJ Burnett. In a game that proved that betting on baseball is moronic, the Yanks took Santana over their collective knee and pummeled him the worst loss of his career. The 15-0 dickslap was the most lobsided win at home since 1954.

In my mind this proved nothing beyond the fact that the Mets have a black could of inferiority over their franchise. Rest assured, Met fans, - no matter how good the team may look in the low rent National League, the Yankees will reign supreme in this city. God makes sure of that.

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Black Cat said...

Johan got his dick lit on fire