Happy Birthday Phil

Today is Phil Hughes' 23rd birthday. That's right, he is 23.

Many Yankee fans have soured on Hughes' potential, and in their defense it does seem as though he has been around forever. But at the end of the day, Hughes is still two years younger than Tim Lincecum. Christ, he' s only two months older than Braves' prospect (and certified Yankee raper) Tommy Hanson.

After another impressive outing out of the bullpen last night, Phil Hughes took another step toward being a horrifically overvalued Yankee prospect again. Congratulations, and Happy Birthday.


Big Dong Kong said...

Philly Blunts!! 23!! My mans is young and ready to deal. Once Joey G gets his head out his azz, get best be gettin Philly on the hilly, ya feels me? Wang em and bang em ain't gonna get it done, though 62 pitches is terrible to take him out. Come on Joey G, stop makin dem bad decisions. WWGSD? What Would George Steinbrenner Do?

Anonymous said...

Somehow i knew when i saw one comment - that it would be this illiterate fool