The Yankees have now played so poorly that I am embarrassed to tell people what I do here at TFB. Last night as I was watching Tommy Hanson impact the Yankees collective colon, I was doing some site work from my iPhone. When someone asked me what I was doing, I told them that I ran a human trafficking ring in Cambodia.

As the MSM continues to makes excuses for these players, this manager, and this organization, it is left to the people like me to tell it how it is. This team is not good. Jorge Posada should be over his injury. Alex Rodriguez should be playing better baseball, regardless if he is overworked or not. Joe Girardi should be eating more salmon or something because he needs to be sharper. Mark Teixeira needs to start playing like Mark Teixeira again (luv him!!!1!!!!!1!!). Derek Jeter needs to refill his Valtrex, because it seems his herpes are effecting him to the point that he can't beat out a goddamned double play ball.

Of course, all of this comes to a head on a night when the Red Sox do exactly what they are supposed to do and beat the Nats. As much as we like to despise Boston on this site, that is what good teams do. They take games from the Nationals. They take games from the Marlins. And surely, they do not get shut out in the first game of what could be a momentum-building series before playing at Shiti Field for three games this weekend.

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Black Cat said...

Joe G has to go!