Adding to his already Hall of Fame caliber resume, Mariano Rivera recorded his 500th career save last night in a 4-2 victory over the Metropolatinos. Perhaps even more importantly, Mo made us jealous when he was awarded the opportunity to hug Mark Teixeira.


Big Dong Kong said...

Mo'd down ya feels me! How crazy is it when my mans got a rbi walk from Krod!! Krod should quit pointin to the sky shoutin out to da good Lord, and instead watch Mo close out a game and learn how to act right. Mo don't do nuthin flashy, just walks off dat mound all cool and easy. Da mets looked like straight up doo-doo butter. BROOMS OUT YO!! SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP!!

Anonymous said...

Can someone PLEASE set up a Paypal account so people can start making donations to get this fool enrolled in an English as a Second language course - for the love of God!