A note to Joe Girardi

This picture presents concrete evidence that, yes, Alex Rodriguez has the ability to run. Apparently you had no idea that this was possible, as he was stationary at first base through Robinson Cano's entire nine-pitch at bat in the ninth inning with the tying run at third and one out.

If A-Rod's hip is still that much of a concern (I can't believe I am about to say this) then maybe Angel Berroa should have replaced him at first base. The bottom line is that the double play was the Nats only way out of that jam, and you did nothing to attempt to eliminate that possibility.

Please be sure to remove your head from your rectum next time, it makes managing the game infinitly simpler.

Jimmy Dugan


Big Dong Kong said...

My mans. I know where you comin' from and I must agree. Was a bad choice. Dat kid Lannan pitched one hell of a game and you knew he would. When did da Yanks ever bomb da ball against someone they never faced before? Shit man. Martis and Lannan both baffled these futire hall of famers. My boy Joe G better sit back with a glass of henne, and think bout what dat fool did in da last inning last night. Shame on you Joe.

Big mans out!

Anonymous said...


I was thinking the exact same thing.

Anonymous said...

Me too! Except my thoughts were actually in.. ya know.. ENGLISH