I should be a GM somewhere

According to Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Yankees have acquired Eric Hinske for what amounts to a bag of Cheetos and a hand job. (hat tip to MLBTR)

As those of you who are dedicated readers may remember, we pleaded with Cash and Co. to make this signing in JANUARY, when he would not have cost the Yankees two players. Alas, the Yankees opted for the unfounded affinity for the giant ball of suck that is Angel Berroa.

This transaction, in my opinion, shows just how much confidence the team has in Shelley Duncan. The man who played Sloth in Goonies has been destroying AAA to the tune of 21 first half home runs, yet has been passed over by the Big League club (again). The Yankees should do Shelley a favor and DFA the kid, because his ass has permanent residence in Scranton until they do.

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