Let your love grow

The Balls' love affair with Mark Teixeira was brought to new heights last night in the 12-3 ass-whipping that the Yankees laid on the Texas Rangers.

After being plunked by Vincente Padilla for the second time in the game, Teixeira was not happy. The Rangers learned a valuable lesson last night, one they shall carry with them forever: do not make Tex angry. On the ensuing ground ball Teixeira executed a hard-nosed slide into second base, breaking up a would-be double play, and prolonging the inning. It was at that point that Hideki Matsui blasted a three run shot, putting the game out of reach.

After years of watching the Yankees prance around like a bunch of school girls, it was great to see a player show some well placed aggression. The fact is I could piss in Derek Jeter's Cheerios while he was eating them and he would talk about how it is all "part of the game" and how he needs to take it "one day at a time". The message is now clear to the rest of the league. Nobody fucks with Mark Teixeira without consequences.

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