Book Corner

Always one to whore myself out, I wanted to pass along a book that I came across that you might be interested in (assuming you are able to read and don't just look at the site's pictures).

I will let the author, Paul Keck, give the synopsis:

The Greatest Comeback Ever is a daily journal I wrote at age sixteen in 1978,
covering all sports but first and foremost my favorite team-the New York
Yankees. From 14 games behind the first place Boston Red Sox in mid July that
season, the 1978 Yankees raced back to win the American League East division and
went on to win the World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. A unique book
on a unique season, baseball fans of all ages will enjoy this rip-roaring
journal of the greatest comeback in baseball history.
Having not been alive in 1978, the run that the Yankees went on that summer is one that I have heard about (seemingly endlessly) from my father for years. Having lived through the Yankees dynastic run of the 1990's, it is interesting to read the thoughts of someone of similar age during this historic summer. So, I encourage you all to click here and buy the book to support Paul's efforts. And while you are in the buying mood, click here and buy a friggin' tshirt.


cat said...

I thought the "Greatest Comeback Ever" was the 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox who came back from 3 losses to win the ALCS.
Yea, it totally was.

Jimmy Dugan said...

That was the "Greatest Collapse Ever" - the Yankees crapped themselves, and the Sox caught lightning in a bottle for four games. In 1978 the Yankees were in 4th place on June 17th - 14 games back. What happened over that summer was the greatest comeback ever - oh, and one more thing. Bucky. Dent.

Anonymous said...

Bucky Dent? LOL. That is old shit you clown. When was the last Yankees World Series title? Blow it out your ass you dumb fuck.

Jimmy Dugan said...

and another intelligent Red Sox fan checks in with a tactful, pertinent comment. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Says the guy still bringing up 20 year old shit like Bucky Dent...

How about Luis Gonzalez? 03 Josh Beckett? Dave Roberts? Yeah.. stick Bucky Dent up your ass

Jimmy Dugan said...

I was reviewing a BOOK, thats how Dent came up.

Take that shit back to Bostondirtdogs.com fanboy.