Are you kidding?

As you well know, the Yankees start a three game series with the Boston Red Sox tonight at Fenway.

Over at Boston Dirt Dogs, they posted this piece of garbage to welcome the Yanks, mostly Alex Rodriguez to the shittiest town on earth. The fact that these morons have the testicular fortitude to demonize an already flawed character like A-Rod is curious considering of the two players that CARRIED them to championships, Manny Ramirez is serving a fifty game suspension for the use of PED's, and David Ortiz' production has miraculously plummeted like an AirFrance flight over the past two years (holy run-on sentence Batman - what am I Dennis Miller??).

Maybe it's time we put this to bed boys, no?


cat said...

Too Soon?

Anonymous said...

Hey pot, kettle is calling. Boston the shittiest town on earth?

That is a good one you dumb ass retarded fuck

cat said...

I think we can all agree that Detroit is the shittiest city on earth.

Jimmy Dugan said...

Point taken - aside from the obvious pick of Detroit, but Boston comes in second. Anonymous commenters are worse than prank callers. You are a v.