Is Jake Peavy an ace?

With the recent speculation that a trade for Jake Peavy may interest the Yankees, The Fowl Balls decided that it was time to weigh in.

A trade for Peavy would undoubtedly include names like Hughes and Kennedy, and possibly a player like Austin Jackson. Peavy has been viewed as an ace, and seemingly there is basis for the Padres to be demanding that type of haul for a pitcher of Peavy's caliber. But upon further review, we are very disillusioned with a move to acquire him.

To look at Jake Peavy's numbers from 2008, one cannot help but be impressed; a sub-3 ERA and less than a hit per inning makes for a solid track record. However, his K/9 were significantly down, and he made only 27 starts due to injury. Though they might be red flags, these numbers were hardly our greatest concern, most alarming were his home/away splits. As is common knowledge, Petco Park takes up nearly 3/4 of the land in Whale's Vagina, California. Peavy's ERA away from Yellowstone National was a hefty 4.28; a far cry from "ace" status.

That being said, 27 year old pitchers are allowed to have off years, aren't they? Yes, they are, but that doesn't make them valuable enough to rape the Yankees already deteriorated farm system. We here at The Fowl Balls reiterate our reccomendation for the Yankees to throw whatever amount of currency it takes to sign CC Sabathia.

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