Guess Who's Back

Ok, so it's been to long since my last post. Big shit. God knows the Yankees have enough morons like myself covering even the most minute move like its going to cost the team the World Series in March. Oh no!!! They are keeping Marcus Thames and cut the juggernaut that is Jamie Hoffman!!

I weigh in when my opinion is needed - nee - DEMANDED.

The fifth starter derby (which we all knew was a two-horse race from the beginning) has finaly come to a close, with Phil Hughes being officially named to the final spot. This leaves Joba Chamberlain in the wind, seemingly banished to the bulpen. I have never been a "Joba to the bullpen" guy and still believe that he has a real future as a starter. Young, live armed pitchers with three plus pitches, by definition, are starters, and don't let any asshole tell you differently. Unfortunately, the Yankees do not have the luxury of letting two young starters develop by getting their asses handed to them over a full season. They are expected, if not demanded, to win year in and year out so there really is only one slot to play with when the goal is a championship. Not to mention Joe Girardi is in a contract year, and nobody gives a fuck about the title he won in 2009.The pitcher that showed the most in Spring Training was going to win this job, and Hughes put up better numbers while showing real promise with a changeup.

So what now for Joba? Is he the heir apparent to Mo, if he ever retires? In my mind, Joba is a starter. Again, 23 year olds with 3 major league pitches don't just grow on trees. There is a reason why A.J. Burnett, a possible #2 starter with horrific inconsistency makes more than Mo, the greatest closer ever to walk the earth. Starting pitchers a fucking impossible to find. The Yankees have two choices - either send Joba to AAA to start and let him fill the hole left by Andy Pettitte or Javy Vasquez in 2011, or package him in a trade while he still has value. "But Jimmy, Joba should be setting up for Mo!!1!11!!!!". Shut the fuck up. I will take my chances with Robertson/Marte/Aceves/Melancon in the late innings and groom a kid that still has at least #2 starter upside. That being said, I am a huge Hughes fan, and I look forward to watching him throw every fifth day. Until Chamberlain came out firing bulletts in 2007, Hughes was a MUCH bigger prospect. Top flight stuff, and a pro attitude. In the end, this really won't matter as much as people are makiong it seem. It's the fifth starter. The other four days of the week, the Yankees are trotting out potential All Stars, and no matter how bad Hughes is, the Yankees' refuckingdiculous offense will carry him to 12-15 wins. Just another storyline as the Yankees march to #28.

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