Uh Oh

(Elbows shouldn't do that anyway)

After another 5 stellar innings against the lowly Orioles today, Andy Pettitte left pre-maturely with elbow stiffness (at his age, he should be happy when anything gets stiff /rimshot). While the Yankees went on to win the game, this serves as a reminder of just how fragile the 2010 season is in the Bronx. While speculation will run wild, let's take a look at what the Yankees could be faced with if Andy is truly hurt (and he doesn't reach for the magic needle to get back early).

So, let's say Pettitte hits the 15 day DL. Basically he would miss two starts, with Sergio Mitre in line to take his start on Tuesday after following him up today. Then, because of a built-in off day, he would miss just one more start before returning to make his scheduled start on the 21st against the Mets. To me, this is the move. If he is going to (probably) miss the first start, give him the second start off. While he has been great thus far, the innings that Andy Pettitte throws in May are not the reason that he was re-signed. And after seeing Javier Vasquez fold like origami every time out thus far, the Yankees could be in dire need of vintage Andy Pettitte come September.

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