Ex-Prospect Report

Chase Wright - P

You may remember Chase Wright. On April 22, 2007 he became the answer to a trivia question by giving up home runs to 4 consecutive batters at Fenway Park. Apparently he has rehabbed what had to be a very severe neck injury, and is pitching his way into consideration for major league innings. With the potential loss of Joba Chamberlain for an elongated period, Chase Wright (yes, that Chase Wright) could be the answer in the Yankees rotation. Still only 25 years old, Wright has put up solid numbers in the minors this year. The lefty has given up only 92 hits in 110 2/3 innings at three levels including Triple-A. His K:BB is less impressive at 67:39, but he has held opponents to a .228 average overall.

Although he is relatively low on the depth chart (he wasn't even included in our post on potential Rasner fill-ins), Chase Wright's name could be in play very soon. All of the pitchers ahead of him have significant question marks. Whether it be health (Phil Hughes), overall effectiveness (Ian Kennedy and Alfredo Aceves), or the legality of starting a female in a major league game (Carl Pavano), each starting pitching option has at least one quality that instills doubt in Yankee fans. So in short, if all else fails, it couldn't hurt to give Chase a shot. Just not at Fenway.

Kei Igawa - P
Igawa sits in the same boat as Wright at the moment; solid numbers in the minors, but a major league track record that makes the prospect of them pitching for the Yankees terrifying. In 22 apprearances at Scranton, Igawa is 12-5 with a 3.38 ERA. However, his GO/AO sits at .66, eading me to believe that he is still pitching up in the zone. When last we visited Kei, he was leaving his 88 MPH "heat" letter high and getting powdered by major league hitters. Our reccomendation? Find a trading partner or let him continue his pursuit of the Scranton Yankees all-time wins record.

Jose Tabata - OF
This time last year Jose Tabata was the best positional prospect in the Yankees' system. What a difference a year makes. Run ins with management, ugly play and a complete lack of power proved deadly for Tabata as he was shipped to Pittsburgh as a part of the Xavier Nady/Damaso Marte deal. After hitting just 3 home runs in 294 at bats at Trenton, Jose hit two jacks in his third game in the Pirates system. Did Jose pull a Manny Ramirez after he was surpassed by Austin Jackson in the pecking order?

Regardless, he still doesn't turn 20 for a week and has a very high ceiling. Hopefully he develops to the point where the Pirates can send him to the Yankees in a deadline deal for 30 cents on the dollar like they did with Nady and Marte.

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