Potential Rasner Replacements

Stand up if you are starting against the Angels Friday. Not so fast Darrel.

As of today, it looks like Darrell Rasner has officially worn out his welcome as a member of the Yankees' rotation. Once again he spotted the opposition his signature 5+ run lead. There are other servicable options in the system, even without dealing for $14 million albatross Jarrod Washburn.

Ian Kennedy - IPK has been strong of late in AAA, and looks to be the candidate that is most ready to step in. He has allowed just 4 earned runs in his last 27 innings at Scranton-Wilkes Barre. Although he is yet to win a Major League game in 2008, the smart money would be on him to toe the rubber on Friday. Ha. I said 'rubber'.

Alfredo Aceves - I must admit that I don't know much about Aceves, aside from the fact that I love the taste of his creamy sauce (that's what she said). However, by the numbers, Aceves has been impressive. While cruising through three levels in 2008, 'Fredo has allowed only 90 hits in 118 1/3 innings, walking only 20. Unlike Kennedy, Aceves has not been as sharp in his last three outings, placing him second in our pecking order.

Phil Hughes - Even though he looks to be at least 2 minor league starts away from the bigs, Hughes is getting rave reviews thus far in his rehab. According to information obtained by Peter Abraham, Hughes was 'hitting 95' in his last start. He has not shown that type of velocity as of yet in the big leagues, which is encouraging. Barring another hangnail or menstruation period, he should be back in the next two weeks or so.

Carl Pavano - This is the last time that I will mention this vag as a candidate for anything while with this team. I have had enough of this.

Also, the Yankees have made a habit of signing guys that either can not pitch anymore, or never really could in the first place. While they are 'low risk', pitchers like Eric "Whiplash" Milton and Victor "I was a part of the worst trade in baseball istory" Zambrano will not likely produce a return.

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