Sorry, Johnny: Yankees sign Randy Winn

According to Joel Sherman (God, even typing his name irritates me), the Yankees have come to an agreement with Randy Winn.

Winn's numbers look horrific at the plate last year, but he did hold his own against righties. Also, the platoon splits are not remotely typical of him forn his career, as the switch hitter has hit around .280 fron both sides of the plate . His WAR fell below 2 last year after a healthy 4.6 in 2008, so the Yankees are looking for some buy-low upside on a player that should be a defensive attribute in left field.

I have been accused of being a Cashman whore in the past, but this is an example of me and my boy being on different pages. Sure, Winn should come at or around the $2 million that was cited as a limit coughbullshitcough, but if Johnny Damon could really be had at $5-6 million, I don't get this one. I hope Ca$h proves me wrong.

/prays in front of makeshift Brian Cashman shrine


Big Dong Kong said...

My mans. Randy Winn?? This guy is a busta fo life. He aint even gonna be on da team come July. Dis mofo is prob worse den a limbless Johnny Rocket Damon. Dis jigga betta be on hgh, cuz he sucks dat big one. Wassup wit Wanger Banger too?? I think we keep dat zippa as a Yank and bring em back when he ready. Mista Dugan, Randy Winn is a prime time loser. BIG MANS OUT@!

matteo said...

too bad Damon's not willing to return for less than 10 mill a year....5 or 6 is what the skanks are offering....take it or leave it shmuck