I'm back

You know, I looked at the site this morning. I knew I hadn't updated in a while, but Jesus Christ Opening Day? I agree with the shitty, scathing emails that I received. I suck. I am terrible. 

So, here's a synopsis of what has happened between then and now:

 - CC sucked, then was really good, now is just good

 - Andy Pettitte is obviously on HGH again

 - A-Rod wasn't hitting, but now he's starting to. He also hit a ball in Oakland that hasn't fucking landed yet.

 - Derek Jeter hasn't been great, but not bad either. He'll have another .300 season

 - Robinson Cano is the best player on the team - but much more shockingly, he hasn't looked lazy (yet)

 - Mark Teixeira has sucked and is continuing to do so

 - Mo is God

 - Phil Hughes looks like the guy that we heard about for what seemed like 10 years in the minors

 - Javy Vazquez works every day to make me look like an asshole

 - Jorge Posada is obviously sharing HGH with Pettitte

 - Randy Winn is a waste of blood

 - Brett Gardner: All Star (I still think he sucks, but I'll take it while we wait for Teixeira wakes the fuck up)

 - I haven't been to a game yet, please feel free to donate tickets at jimmydugan.thefowlballs@gmail.com

 - Joe Girardi picked Sunday to fuck up for the first time by deciding to intentionally walk Kendry Morales; then deciding not to

Thats about all I really have of note - let me know what I missed while telling me how much I suck in the comments

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