(Catch. The. Ball.)

The Yankees and Red Sox played a typical early-April-in-the-Northeast bout tonight, losing to the Red Sox 9-7 in what turned out to be an abortion of a baseball game.

Terrible pitching and poor defense by Jorge Posada turned out to rule the day. But hey, at least Curtis Granderson hit a home run, right?

PS - Since I basically stole that picture from myself, is that still stealing?


Big Dong Kong said...

my mans@! dat was whack. yanks get dat early lead, den dat foo dick swisher cant make a play on a outfield single. puts da runna on sec base, den boom, notha run. den hip hip no glove. my mans, yo job is CATCHER, catch dat ball!! iz all good though. burnett 2nite. gonna whack around lester da molester. who dat gonna beat dem yanks?

Blacksauce said...

nobody. threepeat.