Hollywood Schnoz?

Apparently, Joe Torre has been talking to Andy Pettitte throughout the offseason about the possibility of pitching for the Dodgers. Though we had been perfectly content with letting Andy skate from the Yankees at the beginning of the offseason, that was before the retirement of Mike Mussina. As our good friends at NoMaas have pointed out, 200+ inning lefties don't just grow on trees. Ken Rosenthal cites Pettitte's propensity to leave when he "doesn't feel wanted", so the Yankees better step up and make an offer to Andy Pettitte before he takes his gigantic nose to the West Coast. One can't help but wnder how good Andy would be in L.A., given it's proximity to Tijuana.

Source: http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/8845170?MSNHPHMA


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