I know the rumors are 99% bullshit, but...

How great are these two??

Firstly, Peter Abraham reports that their has been a scenario that has been kicked around the organization that would slide Robinson Cano's lazy ass to first base, with the team signing Orlando Hudson to play second base. This sounds relatively feasible, given Cano is still in Pinstripes come opening day.

The second rumor that grabbed my interest involves the always elusive three team trade. The speculation has Hideki Matsui headed to Seattle and a whole bunch of other crap happenning; Cano to the Rockies, and throw in some young players back and forth, and at the end of the day the Yanks end up with Matt Holliday and Ryan Rowland-Smith. This is the type of rumor that probably has little-to-no hard factual basis, but I have to say that I am soaked just thinking about it.

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Yankees Guy said...

Jimmy I would like you to join me on my official quest to sign Manny. To be in pinstripes in 2009.