Screw You.

This ravishing man is Murray Chass. You can go on Wikipedia and read about how relevant he was during the 1970' as a sportswriter. On his website, which for some reason I link to below, Sean Connery here denounces all baseball blogs claiming he "hates them". He has also been very public about his disdain for statistics based analysis, claiming that the use of numbers ruins the enjoyment of the game. In his free time Mr. Chass plays shuffleboard and shoes the neighborhood kids off his property.

Murray retired from the New York Times in May 2008, and for good reason; the game had passed him by. There is a place for us in the game, just like there is for everyone. Baseball is the American Pastime; it allows for the young, the old, the smart and the dumb to gather in one place and find something about it that appeals to them. For some its numbers, for others the showing of sheer athleticism, some just like the peanuts. It's old, stubborn, crotchety pricks like this that make me appreciate the voice that the fans have been given via the internet.

Thanks for retiring to your "this is not a blog" website that no one visits. Now you can sit back and talk about the year you graduated high school with Bob Sheppard.

Source: http://www.murraychass.com/?page_id=23

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