We don't need no stinking arbitrator

According to Friend of The Fowl Balls Peter Abraham, the Yankees have not offered a single player arbitration. As Pete Abe put it, it "came down to economics". At the beginning of the offseason we were proponents of offering arbitration to Abreu with hopes of recovering draft picks for the Type A free agent. Apparently, as the entire economy has gone in the crapper, the Yankees would not take the risk of having to pay an offensively declining, defensively inept outfielder $16-17 million for a year. Fine. We will accept the fact that the draft will not be as strong, especially after the Yanks hand their first round pick to the Brewers, so long as the rest of our demands are met.

Source: http://yankees.lhblogs.com/2008/12/01/the-yankees-offer-nobody/

I also read another great article at http://www.nomaas.org/. Now that multiple teams have declined to offer free agents arbitration, there is increased appeal to those would-be Type A free agents. Now the market can look at players differently, including NoMaas favorite and OBP machine Adam Dunn. Although we at The Fowl Balls would stil prefer an All-Time great in left field like Manny Ramirez, Dunn presents an interesting idea. He would be considerably cheaper, and would not cost the Yankees a draft pick. Hmmmm....

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