The New York Post: Almost a real paper

Yankees beat writer Joel Sherman accused Andy Pettitte of being a "phony" if he decided to take an offer from any team but the Yankees in his column this morning. We here at The Fowl Balls urge our loyal minions to read this article, then proceed to urinate on it.

Let us break this down for you:

In the article, Sherman cites a source telling him that the Yankees have offered Pettitte a one year deal worth approximately $10 million. This would represent a roughly 38% pay cut from Andy's $16 million salary in 2008, which may or may not be relevant. Regardless, this offer is probably about $2-5 million below the market value for a 200+ inning left handed pitcher.

Now, lets add in the variables. Pettitte's camp has said that he could be looking for a two year deal. So if another team say, the Dodgers, were to offer a two year contract at the low end of Andy's market value, that would equate to approximately $24 million over the next two seasons.

It somes down to simple math. Even if it were only a one year deal offered by another team, Pettitte would still be forfeiting at least $2 million dollars to stay with the Yankees in 2009. In the event that he was offered the two year contract he is seeking, that would mean Pettitte leaving upwards of $14-20 million on the table. How do you ask any man to walk away from roughly 15% of his life's earnings in the twilight of his career?

The point is, the New York Yankees need Andy Pettitte a whole lot more than he needs them. The smarter move would have been to offer arbitration and , if need be, paying Pettitte the $16 million+ that he would have been awarded upon acceptance. Even if he declined to sign elsewhere, the Yankees would recover a draft pick. This is a business, Mr. Sherman. Stop playing fanboy.


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