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Pablo Sandoval is batting .500 over the last week. He's certainly nobody's #1 CI, but is likely in the mix for a weekly lineup spot for most teams. His eligibility at 1B, 3B and C in many leagues makes him a valuable commodity. Pablo hasn't been striking out much either, which is excellent for those in leagues that penalize that statistic. In fact, he's only struck out once in his last 25 AB.
Sandoval has eleven hits in his last 22 AB's, which includes two homers, two doubles and a triple. Pablo isn't a speedster, but he did steal a bag last week, which is an added bonus.Make sure you get him in your lineup for next week when he'll have seven games on tap.

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Big Dong Kong said...

my mans is right. pablo is da man. i got him back in a trade i got rid of dat LA bum russell martin.